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Flash is pretty powerful on the FZ30, but I'm thinking about using an add-on...have never worked with one before. I'm told (Ritz) it's best to stay with the same brand flash as your camera because they'll better "talk" to each other. Is this true? Looking at Panasonic's site, I never knew flash units were so expensive:

DMW-FL360 $300

DMW-FL500 $500

DMW-FL28 $229

Can someone please school me about these models, and/or what works best. Have seen that some models not only tilt up/down, but also swivel. Thanks in advance. -D
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those flash listed are for dedicated TTL flash not required by FZ30
they work with TTL in FZ50, LC-1
I think some of the photographers here use Sunpac


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Thanks. I'll check it out. Does Sunpac make tripods too? I think my tripod is a Sunpac or something that sounds like it.
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I´m thinkig of buying a flash myself, sepcifically looking at the Metz flashes.

There is a selction function on their website (it`s a .de site) where you can select which cam you are using, and they offer a selection of flashes that would fit.

They offer a wide range, and specifically a set of them, that you can customize with sort of an Interface- they have that specifically for Olympus, too. (the 44 Series seem to fit).

Maybe somone can comment on those? Should work with FZ30 (different adapter) and FZ50 or the Panasonic or Olympus DSLR then. Or with another -I think they call them SCA Adapter- with your next cam in case it has a different Interface.
Oh yes, the Head swivels and goes up and down, so you can bounce in portrait Mode as well ;-)

They do have some sort of Filter/Diffusor sets for the flashes as well.

Or would those be Overkill?

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The Sunpak flashes are very popular with FZ-30 users on this forum, with the 383 being the most popular model. I use a Sunpak 433D, which is almost identical to the 383. Works great and they are usually available on eBay. I got mine new and unused, with box, manual, etc. for $37.00.. shipped!

You might check out these threads:



There are probably other threads with some good info in this forum. I found these by searching for "panasonic sunpak".

Sunpak isn't the only option, but probably the best for the $$. Much better results than the built in flash.

Just my $0.02

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