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I also notice substantial "fringing" (the coloured line appearing on the edges). While I don't know how to avoid that, I thought I should bring it to your attention.
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I just tried my luck on the second original,
in photoshop, first used noise ninja (standard settings, and profiled the image)
then used "alien skin blow up" to double the images size
i didn't have the wite shadow on the back of the bird but the purple fringing was still there
in photoshop then, image/adjustments/replace color, selected the purples and desaturated them
some parts didn't look nice so some small actions with the clone tool, and this is the result

the wite fringing i didn't see, but this can happen when denoising, sometimes a halo appears around the image, and if you then enlarge it.

just to show how i would do it - Ronny
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Old Sep 27, 2006, 8:05 AM   #13
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Thanks to all of you, TCook, dwsass, Raghu, and Ronny.

TCook, Dwsass, I see what you mean about the focus. Will try spot focus.

Raghu, I did see the fringing, but have not yet learned how to reduce or remove it.

Ronny, yours does look better than mine. I am just now learning to use Noise Ninja. This was my first attempts. Still learning exactly what profile is, consist of, etc. I know once I catch on, I may be able to do better.

Thanks again to all.
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Old Sep 27, 2006, 4:11 PM   #14
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Jerry, It does look like the focus is the biggest problem with both pictures. Once the picture is taken out of focus PP and NR won't help bring the detail back! That is probably the cause of the chromatic aberration, (purple fringing), also! The pictures would have been very good had they been a little sharper focused. I don't think it was the NR that removed the detail, just the focus problem. Remember after you apply the NR, (Noise Ninja) in Photoshop you can go to Edit / Fade Noise Ninja and reduce the amount of NR until it looks good to you. Jim
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Old Sep 27, 2006, 7:28 PM   #15
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Jim, thanks for your reply. I think Dwsass was right the camera focused more on the feeder than the bird. I am playing with these programs, seems like a lot to learn and remember, but I have the rest of my life! Gosh I love being retired. Wish I could have done it 60+years ago.

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