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No flash, Donna: you would see it in their eyes (and you would have seen the shadows of the bars on their snouts).
As isaid I must go in the morning, next time ,so the cages are in the sun.
In this situation (as the other time I went:http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=23 ) ISO 200 is not enough to stop the movements....

In #7, I shot a burst sequence moving the cam to the right and used the first and last shots to remove the right bar.

HarjTT I have seen huge differences between the pics shot with Canon EOS 350D and its "bottlebutt" 18-55 stock lens (far worse than FZ20 in sharpness) and more expensive lenses (sharper than FZ20 Wide angles). It must be the same with Oly E-1.

Sven a few years ago I went to the zoo with a cheap P&S film-Nikon and two tigers were free in the gardens (they were just bigger than cats). Now they are one of the 8-9 currently in the napoli Zoo. Many of these animals were born captive, so they have never been in a forest andthey don't conceive there's a true life / freedombeyond those bars.
Perhaps most of them would have been already dead in India or China owing to poachers or else, but they say "better one day as a lion than 100 as a rabbit".

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Hi Francesco

I posted a thread today on the Oly forum on how much detail and sharpness the E1 + 14-54ZD lens (Oly's Pro lens) can capture when I can get the exposure just right. The shots were taken at London Zoo on Friday and here's an example to keep with the Tiger theme :

ISO 400 f3.5 @1/100s and a 100% crop. Just slight USM to the shot and thats it.

Here's the thread, let know what you think.


Those tiger shots you've posted are very impressive esp for ISO200 and go to show how good the FZ's are. The only thing that the Oly lens is missing is OIS, but so far I'm kind of living with out it - I've managed a 1/3s shot that was sharp and even manage to get around consistently shots at 1/8s but not always tack sharp. I'll will be taking a serious look at the Leica D when it goes for sale as I think it will seriously help having that extra 2-3 stops that the IS gives.

In someways I'm happy that we have these wonderful animals in zoo's and safari parks becuase as you've stated the chances are they would have been killed by poachers in India to become ornamets, medicine, charms , etc . My only regret esp with London Zoo' tigers is that theyre space is small and was not suprised that they have moved the Leopards to the Zoo's other compund outside of London as they were visibly destressed on my last visit. What really gets me is that the Zoo is squeezed into a corner of Regents park - I'd say about 1/8th and that theyre is an area located right next to the Zoo which I'd say is the same size set aside for soccer pitches. There are enough soccer pitches in London but there's only one zoo! Crazzy if you ask me.





:O :?

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Seen it, HarjTT, and thanks for the links.

Impossible to compare for my ISO 200 are taken in scarce light.
Yes with 28mm eq. WAit is normal to have sharp 1/30 and possibly 1/4- 1/8 without IS. Zooming from 6x to 12x (432mm), even on a small CCD, always means to multiply any shaking, and even IS cannot afford those slow speeds.

My shots are mostly at ISO 200, 1/100 - 1/80, @ 6 to 12x zoom handheld, so Tigers must be still...

But I have some more of other animals (tomorrow)

another thing: I do much PP to try to achieve the best qty I can from the shots
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