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I have a replacement Power2000 CGA-S006A battery from BatteryBarn that I alternate with the original OEM Panasonic S006a. The replacement is rated at 1000 mAh compared with the Panasonic OEM 720 mAh. After almost 2 years , hundreds of re-charges, and several thousand images, my impression is that the replacement battery does sustain charge significantly longer than the OEM. Now, I see that 1200 mAh replacement batteries for the S-006A are available. Are mfg's ratings realistic?

Are there reliable comparison technical reviews published?

While much lower price surely makes products suspect, higher price does not surely assure superior quality. Often it only reflects advertising cost to establish market name recognition.

Performance is an important issue but damaging in-camera battery failure is a problem to be avoided. Failure of somewhat different Laptop batteries are well publicized. How commonplace have been battery failures in digital cameras? Anyone have a problem? Any relation to mAh rating or price?

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Thats really strange.......I also have been buying batteries from the battery barn for years and while I think their customer service is first rate , and the power 2000 batteries are worth the price they ask for them. But IMHO they are no where near the capacity of the Panasonic batteries.

I also get phone batteries , cell phone batteries. some tool andUPS batteries and while I feel the prices are good the quality could be better.

Everytime I see a comparison of thecapacity of3rd party batteries, thefigures seem to show that the claims are greatly exagerated ,but I have never heard of battery causing damage to a camera.

Only my opinion of the 3rd party batteries.
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genece --- IYHO, 3rd-party mAh ratings are bogus? How about OEM ratings? IYHO, is a 1200 mAh S006 li-ion battery plausible? Have you seen any data to substantiate such claims for any S006 product?

I would prefer to see head-to-head quantiatative technical comparisons on specific products. I'm aware that casual impressions based on the great diversity of use factors that contribute to battery discharge during a day of shooting, as other subjective factors, do bias subjective conclusions.

My recent experience with digicam products, such as SD memory, suggests that price and pedigree are also unreliable measures of quality.
A distinction should be made between "3rd party" and "Counterfeit" batteries. Counterfeit batteries are 3rd party but, for marketing purposes, they are deceptively mislabeled as OEM products. These tend to be inferior. Many proprietary "OEM" products are specified and sanctioned by but not actually fabricated by the "OEM "manufacturer (They are also 3rd-party manufactured products.) Some 3rd-party products actually use the same components, from the same producer, and from the same factory as the OEM product. Even so, 3rd party items might differ from the OEM version in quality and safety circuitry. A few brand-labeled 3rd-party products from unfamiliar sources and with lower prices can actually have better than OEM performance. (Note that the recent massive dangerous failures of laptop Li-ion products were of costly OEM products of prominent name-brands.)

Unfortunately, there is no easy way for the consumer to distinguish "as good", or "better" from "very bad." Technical reviews based on comparative measurment can aid in choice if available. Competent data is better than HO.

Technical, maintenance, and safety issues relating to Li-ion batteries for digicams are described in great general detail at

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Interesting. I have a Power2000 1000mAh from BatteryBarn too, and though I don't have any hard numbers to back it up, experience tells me that this battery last about half as long as the OEM battery that came with the camera (FZ-30).

Kind of dissappointing, but I also paid a lot less for it than an OEM.

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I have had really good luck with aftermarket batterys. My wifes cool pics S1aftermarket battery. My Canon G7aftermarket battery and my FZ50 aftermarket battery all hold a charge just as long as the originals. Have been very surprised at how well they perform next to the original batterys.
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