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Digigal Oct 19, 2004 11:13 AM

Rather trivial this one (well, I hope it is!) - I just wondered whether any other FZ20's out there have this little characteristic that mine has (not shared with my FZ10).

The plastic, sliding power switch moulding in my FZ20 is a slightly loose fit, allowing it to rattle, or chatter. Nothing much, probably less than a mm of clearance difference between it and the "tight" one on my FZ10. The movement is back and forth only (i.e. tip the camera lens up and the switch moves a shade towards the ground, tip it lens down and the switch moves slightly inwards) - that is, I imagine there's a shade more space on this particular camera between the switch and the back cover of the camera (through the hole in which the switch is accessed). The electrical/mechanical action and function of the switch itself is fine - just the same as on the FZ10. I imagine the plastic switch "grip" is a little moulding which sits atop the switch proper, and it's just the moulding which is free to move a little. Apart from a neurotic fear that dust could work in over time and cause the odd problem I don't feel it's too serious (it was like this straight out of the box) but I'd be happier if I knew mine wasn't the only one out there that does it! It's the sort of situation whereI don't feel inclined to return the camera because of it unlessI have to - I wouldn't be surprised if I managed to get a replacement camera with a perfect power switch - butsomething else, really major, wrong with it - Murphy's Law and all that!

JimBailey Oct 19, 2004 11:36 PM

Now that you mention it, my FZ20 power switch will move up and down if I play with it. I don't consider it a defect at this point in time. It doesn't chatter however. What do you do to make it chatter, shake the camera?

Digigal Oct 20, 2004 3:06 AM

It's actually quite loose on mine - so tilting the camera or tapping the switch with my fingernail is enough to jiggle it and make an audible "chatter". I presume the plastic switch grip (which is the offending part) plays no functional part (apart from providing a finger grip) and is simply held in place by pressure from the back panel of the camera (and it presumably sits on a locating peg on the actual, electro-mechanical switch underneath it) - sort of held there in a "sandwich". It can't actually come off or wander out of position (without removing the camera's back panel!) and it works fine - I guess there's just a bit more space between the back and the plastic switch on mine than on some others. Just a minor irritation really (I hope!) and a manufacturing variation issue? I recall that I once noticed that the Olympus C750UZ of a colleague (that model has a push button power switch which does not alter position when used) was quite different to another colleague's example - one had the button standing proud, whilst the other was quite deeply recessed - another example of manufacturing variation. Both were bought at the same time.

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