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Maybe you just suck at taking pictures. Mine takes great shots and I have taken many indoors and camera has never gone over ISO 200 and no grainy shots.

If you dont know how to turn on a light to brighten up the subject ask someone close to you they can help.
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Haha, yeah the FZ1/FZv2 is very edilicious! AS far as a Point & Shoot I do have a Canon SD100 that is very "snappy" but even so it misses the shots if I don't know how to use it properly. I don't understand howthe FX7 having Image stabilization is worse than a Canon point and shoot. Well, since you already returned the FX7, tell us about your next purchase! Good luck!
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I recently purchased the FZ7, after researching comparable models thoroughly. I am a stone cold newbie, as this is my first digital camera. But I purchased a high end camera because I wanted the freedom to take pics customized to my liking. With freedom comes responsibility-- here, educating myself. Since I had no clue, I purchased 2 books: "How to Do Everything with Digital Photography" and "The Birdwatcher's Guide to Digital Photography." I sat, with manual in hand and camera on a tray beside me, and taught myself the basics. Took only a weekend. Since then, I've found the FZ7 to be absolutely delightful. Books speak about DSLR features, and I find most of them on my camera.

Speaking only for me, if I wanted a "don't make me think" camera, I'd have grabbed a cheapie with minimal features. But I wanted to be able to take fantastic pics, esp of birds and folks, and this camera is anything but a disappointment. Perhaps it comes down to this: with a high end camera, you get what you put into it. I've done my homework, and am beyond satisfied, with what is shaping up to be among the best purchases of my lifetime--- and I'm in my fifties! BTW, dang near every feature can be customized, including the ISO. Fairly easily too, once you know where to look, and the manual tells all.
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