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Hi all,

Today is birthday of my son, which are best setup for the photos into the house?

Iso 100, with flash and automatic balance white is good or not?

Thanks a lot

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This is a decent article, the gist of which is, it's hard to take good low-light indoor shots. (I disagree, personally, you need a few more tools and a good photo editor. Tools: external flash, WA converter...) And, an interesting point it makes is that digital cams produce noise at longer shutter speeds as well as high iso's. However, I don't find it nearly as bad as high iso(s) shots.


My own experience is I bought a wide angle lens to take indoor hand-held candids with natural light, no flash. At its widest, it really improves the ability to use slow shutter speeds without a tripod. With the IS systems in these cameras it's pretty amazing but you'll experience motion blur of the subject. If there's enough light in the room, I prefer this method to using a flash. The light from the flash washes out the natural lighting of the sun, which is always the best light source. If you ever use the WA method, always set the white balance manually.

I also bought a digital slave flash, which of course really improves things. I use this at night, or when I don't want to be constrained to a 23mm fixed focal length.

Read the article but don't dispair. Best bet is to take a bunch of test shots before the party, see which settings turn out the best, use those settings. Don't expect miracles, and take lots and lots of pictures. Delete the bad ones, save the gems.

(In the film world, this was known as "shooting ratio". A well-budgeted film will have an 8:1 ratio, meaning that 8X as much film was shot and developed as ended in the final film. Low budget films suffer because they can't afford all that processing and have to use what they have... maybe a 3:1 ratio or a 2:1 ratio. Point being digital frees us of these constraints but we're so set in our ways from film technology. Old habits die hard.)

Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, and shoot some more. You shooting ratio could be infinity : 1 with digital.)
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