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This past Sunday I went out of town to see some old friends of mine. We all met up at a barbeque and music fest in a city park. I brought my 20 with me and I took a bunch of snap shots and then we decided to eat while listening to the bands. I left the camera around my neck and went over and got me a large plate of barbecue and a cup of beer. My plate was in my right hand and the beer was in my left. I was walking back to the table when the food suddenly shifted on my plate and I instinctly reached with my left hand, still holding the beer, to stabilize the plate. The beer sloshed and some of the beer spilled on my 3 week old camera!

I put the food and beer down, and quickly began to dry the camera and I also removed the battery and memory. The camera was turned off.I cleaned it up as best as I could. I sat and thought about what to do next. I thought that maybe I should just send it to Panasonic for repairs, as is. I knew that "baptisizing" disaters would not be covered by the warranty. After about 20 minutes, I started to examine the camera. I couldn`t see any beer in the lens, and all the buttons and switches seemed fine, and dry. I thought...,maybeI got lucky. I knew it was really, really,risky, but I put the memory and battery back in and turned it on.

The camera booted up okay and I could see thru the EVF,...BUT NOTHING ELSE WORKED!!! Oh "crud" I thought, thiscamera is now history. Time to start saving up again for another.

Monday morning, I turned onthe now stale beer smelling camera and still nothing worked. I then thought about an old Pentax 35mm that sometmes would need to have it`s shutter realease button cleaned with a electronic cleanerfluid. The release button was really an electrical switch. I bought a can of the cleaner, and ever so carefully gave all the switches and buttons on the FZ20several drops. I was very careful and covered the lense first.I repeated this procedure 3 times. Again the battery and memory were out of thecamera. As I applied the cleaner, I would move the switches and buttons. I let the camera sit for about an hour. I then went back and put the battery and memory back in and turned it back on. THE SPRAY WORKED!!! I spent about an hour using all the features that I understand and took a bunch of pics, all ofwhich came out just fine! I just tried the camera again, and again everything worked fine.

Will the camera continue to work okay? I dunno. Do I recomend the cleaner? Nope..., perhapsI could have made it a lot worse. I really should have justsent the unit back and waited for the prognosis from Pana. I got lucky with the cleaner!
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i find that when that happens a few minuets in the micro wave fixes thing for me...lol..no don't try that ..glad to hear the happy ending
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PTB these electronic gears are far weaker than old mechanical ones.

Yet I have had my FZ20 in the cold and in snow blizzards and it received much rain and condense and also some hit while I was climbing on something with it on my neck. But I always take it off or I keepit on my shoulderswhen I am eating and drinking outside. And I always use the Adaptor + UV filter when it's windy orwhen I am in dusky, sandy places.

Seems a tough guy... but better not to run risks
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