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wise wrote:
Give him a break bobc. I am sure indiawala is not a sadist andneither are you in the wrong.

I also remeber doing some cruelties to the creatures like toads etc. when I was a child, which I shudder to think of now. But that doesn't make me a sadist. That childhood enjoyment is more due to curiosity and natural aggressiveness than anything else. I am sure Indiawala must be referring to that cockroach burning in a similar way.

Guys like you have been among the pillars of this forum and I have learnt a lot from you. Let there be more pics of the ticks, than kicks, bricks and sticks.

And how's the fitness program going? :G
Your right wise.

I guess that's why your wise...:-)

The fitness thing is going fair. I walk with people at work during lunch every day, but I am not using the total gym as much as I feel I should be. But I just need to cick myself in the butt more.

Thanks for asking.


I do find thepics of the dead spiders offending, but I did blow it out of perportion and would like to offer my oppologies.

I have seen and done a lot of very ugly things in my life and thought that it was all funny at times. I have made big changes in my life since then and try to make up for the things I have done.

Don't get me wrong... I'm not one of those religious people that found God all of a sudden. I just feel strongly about right and wrong is all.

Your first 2 shots of the spider are very good.

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Time - once again, to get the maltan midgets out to select for your tag team partner in the cage match.

Select A Midget

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Old Apr 30, 2005, 5:42 PM   #63
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No Indiawala. I have been lurking on this forum for quite some time , even though I don't post pics much. I have found bobc to be among the most helpful and gentlemanly members of this forum. Its just that he doen't like to back out from what he believes to be right.

I was referring to bobc's much applauded efforts to start training again to be fit as a fiddle, some two months back.
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Old Apr 30, 2005, 5:45 PM   #64
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Pancho all the way

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Old Apr 30, 2005, 5:46 PM   #65
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Hey Nick.......put me down for a five spot on Little Beaver. I hear Pancho pulled a hamstring:shock:
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Thanks once again Nick. :G
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I know alot of people that would go out of there way to release any type of creature back into the wild .Thats just there way of doing things "I respect that myself"

It doesnt matter if i felt offended by a remark , if i posted the pic i would i still respect there thoughts on the matter . Replying with personal attacks for whatever reasonreveals alot about your own character as an individual .

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Old Apr 30, 2005, 8:35 PM   #68
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MHOP..it's just poor taste and judgement to post a pic of something immobolized tranqulized are sedated or dispatched in a manner for one to capture or for with wit a malacious and a forethought to maim.. harm... render ..seduce with seduction to impede upon ..to pass jugdemnet as the judge jury and exicutioner ...to take said action with indent to decieve ..to wit said participants in said fourom that on the on the 30 day of april 2005 said defenat did sat upon to conspire with said participants to decieve with malice and a forethought upon said spider that on this day defentant did subject said speciman to a cruel and unneccescary deatth ..
and that said suspect did wiht malice to decieve the members of this furom....nevermind
it just not kewl to shoot dead things
i beleive in the spirit of the hunt ...
mono on mono...me against the elements ..
at one with nature ..
i really have to side with bobc on this one ..
we should keep all subjects alive and that they should be released if possible back to the wild...
mosquitoes don't count ..i dispatch them on site ...
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Removed to keep the peace...
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ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz.......huh.......who woke me up again. Ahh Nick M8t :-):-), thanks I needed that.

Danny. ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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