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indiawala wrote:
aha, i see quite a few post since my last log in. Kewl... As for the poster, I think my ears are a bit more pointed than that shot, you might want to correct that so that "big dude" can find me proper and i can lay him down straight. :lol:

Like i always said, bobc sounds like a politician...even his dirty work has to be done by someone else...lol. That little squirrel seems to have more balls than bobc...hehe.

The poster was a joke. I would like to burry the hatchet so we can get on with the business of posting pics and helping eachother out.

If it was someone else that posted the dead pics, I would have reacted the same way. I think we both got carried away (as humans do).

You have to admit that there is much more beauty in live subjects.


FYI... I am in the technical fields and try to stay away from politics...:?
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Old May 1, 2005, 12:30 PM   #82
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Uhhh... the worst was that person who posted the pic of her son holding a dead sparrow he shot with a pellet gun a few months ago.

The spider doesn't "bug" me. Let's face it, the most ardent "all God's creatures, great and small" squishes a bug from time to time. You probably kill a hundred bugs each trip on the highway.

All the macro shooters on this forum, literally, gave me a greater appreciation of nature, expecially insects - amazing creatures that you really appreciate when you can see them up close.

Personally, I wouldn't kill a fly if it was to take its picture, that little naggy old lady of a conscience would forbid it. But, if I killed it for another reason and took its picture, I don't see anything wrong with that...

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Old May 1, 2005, 12:45 PM   #83
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NickTrop wrote:
if I killed it for another reason..

Specially if the insect is edible.:G
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Old May 1, 2005, 12:53 PM   #84
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Nick...i agree with you. If I had killed the spider or tortured it to take the pictures, that could be considered cruel. But this bugger was a goner when he showed up in my bedroom, I was about to get rid of him when the thought occured that i have never taken an insect macro and should see if I even have any skills in this field. So I spared it for a few minutes, took a few shots, and dealt with it the way I would have normally. There was nothing cruel that I did to it for the pictures.

Bobc I agree that out in the world I would much rather walk aside, jump over, or leave a critter of any kind alive...I don't relish in their demise. But nor do I have any qualms about getting rid of any that invade my space, you haven't been in places that I have spent lifetimes in...lol.

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[align=center]Bubba doesn't like it when the little people are messed with![/align]
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Ty, Your spider looks a little like a Wolf spider! They can give you a nasty bite! Jim
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