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for downloading the Manual in PDF


- 8 Mp, 1/1,8" CCD

- 35-420mm , F2,8 - 3,7max. apert. (was 36-432 on FZ20): considering the more mp, this is fine. 33mm would have been better, but it would have been far more distorted at wide.

- Aperture: F2,8 - F11 (on most compact min. aperture is F8!)

- Shutter speed 1/2000 - 8 sec. + 15, 30 or 60 seconds in "Starry Sky" mode

- RAW mode (15-20 Mb size): I hope this is somewhat more useful than Tiff

- Twistable LCD

- Still 2'', but 235.000 pixel res LCD (and VF): 100.000 pixels more than on FZ20 !!! Great resolution.

- Manual focus ring but also ZOOM ring !!!

- 640x480, 30fps movie mode (up to 22 min on 2Gb fast SD cards)

- 2 Manual WB presets

- favourite settings preset

- 2 dials for adjusting Aperture and Shutter speed

- central (nodal point?) tripod thread, detached from the battery & Mem compart.

- external button for OIS

- 300 pics with 1 charge (was 240-270 on FZ20)

- some new things in software/menus/zoom assist modes/extended area 668mm=19x zoom at 3MP/ 3:2 and 16:9 output size aside the common 4:3/ Focus zones selections, 55mm lens thread


- TELE MAcro remains at 2m (will be a few less) and NORMAL macro to 5cm (will be 2cm is same as other FZ models which declare 5cm). 1 m Tele Macro as in FZ5 would have been great.

- no hardware selector for metering and focus (must go in the menus)

- other colors fine WB adjustments would have been great

- no new Flash options

- no focus bracketing

I HOPE colors and WB are better than FZ20 (FZ5 are already better than FZ20).

Now the real question is:
WHO WILL BUY A CANON Powershot S2IS when Panasonic has this 8Mp monster out there ? Maybe Canon will reply with a similar model next year, when Lumix will already haveFZ40 :-)
I hope Image Qulaity is acceptable at full res, but noise must be at least the same as FZ20, if they don't have stronger NR algorithms.

Upgrade, at least from FZ10, becomes now veryfavourable IMO.
I have a FZ20 since Dec 2004, perhaps it'd be the case to await for FZ40...
I'll see how the guy behaves as far as Picture qual. and price.


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It looks to be an AWESOME camera. Even if it has a propriatary battery (which it will probably have - I personally prefer AA).

I just bought a S2 :sad:.

BUT, I already spent more on the S2 than I realy wanted. The FZ20 cost more than the S2 here.And the FZ30 will cost even more!

:-)Thus it doesnt matter for me.

But still, the FZ30 is the better camera, although I think its not in the same (but better) league as the S2.
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Old Jul 15, 2005, 8:51 AM   #3
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Having justaquired the FZ5 for its size, I wont be upgrading to the much heavier (10.2 oz vs 26.1 oz) FZ30. But it's great to see Pany upping the ante. I'm quite happy with 5mp and should stay that way for a couple of years - I hope. By then, I imagine something very sweet will be available in the smaller FZx series.
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Old Jul 15, 2005, 11:33 AM   #4
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Well, 8 MP on a 1/1.8" chip, that is too much for low noise. This will definitely not be my next camera.
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Old Jul 15, 2005, 12:27 PM   #5
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One major minus point for me is that the max ISO is still only 400. In the manual you have ISO80, 100, 200 and 400. I would have preferd a 6MP with ISO800 as everything else just looks right.


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Old Jul 15, 2005, 12:50 PM   #6
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i'm with HarjTT... i'd have preferred fewer pixels and a higher usable ISO range. 8MP is fine, but far exceeds what most people need unless you're making 16x20 prints on a regular basis. 5MP is plenty for anything short of that. in fact, i just had an 11x14 print made from a 5MP image that i cropped to 3MP, and then interpolated back up to 6MP. a close scrutiny revealed it was a bit soft compared to a 5MP (originalpixels, no crop/interpolation)shot at the same size, but once it was framed and hung on the wall, it looks as good as anything i ever shot with my Pentax ME Super 35mm. Given that, why would i need 8MP???

for the sensor size on the '30, i'd have preferred, say, 6.3MP with ISO 800 capability (and comcomitant lower noise at ISO 200-400), and instead of more pixels, having other features like an optical viewfinder with transposed data, and/or a lens with focal distance scales. does the zoom ring provide that??

RAW might be useful for the PP types who love to mess with pics in Photoshop to the max, but that ain't me. i find JPEG is just fine, and takes up a hell ofa lot less space in memory as well.the external controls for aperture and shutter would be nice, as would the extended aperture range to f11, and i do like the longer available exposure times for night photos. is the lens itself threaded for 55mm filters/accessories? that could be a plus too.

so... any clue what all this costs???

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Old Jul 15, 2005, 1:01 PM   #7
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Sadly, the term "Megapixels" alone still sells a lot of cameras. Joe Consumer usually doesn't recognize the fact that it has become mere marketing hype anymore.

Re: pricing - I thought I read the MSRP was $900 or $1000. Which means several hundred dollars less in retail-ality...
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Old Jul 15, 2005, 2:28 PM   #8
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I think Panasonic did a fine job of addressing most the shortcomings of the previous FZs. The features that excite me the most are manual zoom & exposure lock.
I noticed that someone mentioned that they would like to see an optical viewfinder, so would I, but that isn't practical with the zoom range of this lens. I think that the FZ30 comes about as close to a DSLR as possible while still offering a feature rich package not found on DSLRs. It should sell well! Bravo!
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Looking at the manual, the dual dials for setting manual aperature and shutter, the swivel/tilt display and the raw capability are the biggest improvements for me. Since I use aperature and manual the most, the dual dials have always been something I wished my FZ20 had. I don't see jumping to the FZ30 but if I already didn't own the FZ20 and were thinking about buying now, I'd consider waiting and saving for the FZ30.
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Wow, they hit almost all of my FZ-20 wishlist items--obviously somebody at Panasonic has been monitoring these forums and taking what is posted seriously. I'm with the consensus that I think a 6MP LOW NOISE camera (a useable ISO 800 setting even?) with that sensor would have been a much more attractive option. EDIT: just noticed the previous post on MSRP; nevermind.
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