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One of our forum members will be visitingMalta, soon.

So, I thought I'd ask you to let him know where to find the Midget Wrestling so that he doesn't miss any good photo opportunities. I'm not sure if he drinks or not. But,you may want to give him some tips on the best source forcheap bourbon there, too.

I'm not sure what camera he'll be bringing along, so I wouldn'tworry him with your noise comparisons (as you did with Midget Wrestling photos usinga DMC-FZ20 compared to the DMC-FZ1/2).

I heard a rumour that you're in Morocco now. So, I understand if you can't meet him there. You can find his post looking for photographers in Malta here (letting him know about the Midget Wrestling and Bourbon sources was my idea):


I'm just having a bit of fun at your expense with this post. When I saw Malta, I thought of your profile and I just couldn't resist. ;-)

I noticed your posts on getting into Medium Format B&W. You'vetaken some nice photos. I'm glad you're enjoying photography so much.

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Hey, JimC! Yeah, I used to do PS/digital stuff and have this site up minimized in the background. However, I tried posting in the darkroom butI make too many typos :Gin the dark. Still like my little digital but when I saw the bokeh and the portraits I I got with the 180mm Zeiss Jena Sonnar, and some 120 b&w, I was hooked. No digital - asgreat as they are, cangive you that.

I do want to tell you though, this site is a GREAT service. I learned more about photography here, and other great resouces like Photo.net, DigitalTruth, Megapixel.net, etc. But this is the most fun, due to the great cast of international characters.BIG thanks to you, the other moderators, andSteve foryour dedication to this site, and providing this resource.

Last term I taught digital photography. Although we covered the book, truly you can learn way, Way, WAY more on this site. I actually diss'd the book, and printed a list of sites for students, this one being first on the list. One of the problems is that info gets dated so quickly, the Net is thebest way to stay up-to-date.



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Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Savannah, GA (USA)
Posts: 22,378

I can imagine new forum members reading this post (wondering what the heck I'm talking about). They'd have toreadthrough your older posts to understand (and I've enjoyed the entertainment). :-)

I'm glad you're having fun!

Jim C.

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