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KENNETHD Oct 17, 2005 6:49 PM

squirl033 wrote:

it's not truly an increase in optical zoom... the lens doesn't gain any power. as i understand it, it's done by using the same actual optical magnification but only utilizing the center 5MP or 3MP of the sensor. when the image is viewed, it appears larger... much the same as the way digital zoom works. the difference isthat digital zoom crops away part of the image and the enlarges what's left. the FZ30 retains the full original image, but uses less of the sensor to record it. it's all "fudging", in that it doesn't actually increase the optical magnification of the lens, but it produces much the same effect, andit's easier to call it that when describing it to customers who don't know how digital cameras work.
I'm not sure it can be compared to a genuine "digital" zoom, as when the area of the sensor is reduced this would effectively increase the focal L E N G T H of the lense, thereby giving the optical zoom more punch. In my opinion this is an optical feature.


armadilloshield Oct 17, 2005 7:03 PM

Tiger and Squirl, thanks for the useful info. Those picture are awesome :D
Do you encounter any noise for the higher ISO? I read many review said more noise for FZ30 :roll:

tiger98 Oct 17, 2005 8:55 PM

Armadilloshield, I have yet to have any problem with noise! It maybe because most of the pictures I've taken are at iso 80 or 100. There are also several programs available which will effectively clean up noise if it is a problem. Jim

armadilloshield Oct 17, 2005 9:15 PM

Thanks for the info again. Because I'm still considering to buy FZ30 or FZ20

tiger98 Oct 17, 2005 11:37 PM

armadilloshield, I think you would regret a decision to buy the FZ20 with the FZ30 being available for only a little more in cost. The difference in picture quality and features is well worth the extra money! Jim

armadilloshield Oct 18, 2005 12:32 AM

Tiger, thanks for your suggestion, will consider to get FZ30 :|

squirl033 Oct 18, 2005 5:48 PM

tiger98 wrote:

armadilloshield, I think you would regret a decision to buy the FZ20 with the FZ30 being available for only a little more in cost. The difference in picture quality and features is well worth the extra money! Jim
the FZ30 does offer some definite advantages in handling over the FZ20, but from what i've seen and read, if you want better image quality (not to be confused with simply a bigger image), you won't get it with the '30. i certainly haven't seen any qualitative difference between images shot with the '30 and pictures taken with my FZ20. i long ago decided to hang onto my FZ20 and wait for the next generation of the FZ line. for my needs, the few real pluses the FZ30 offers aren't worth spending $550 or morefor a new camera when the one i have takes photos that are just as good. besides, it'll probably only be a year or so before they bring outthe FZ40 or whatever, and i'm hoping by then that Panasonic (or someone) will have addressed what are to me the real issues with the FZ series, such as noise, limited dynamic range and ISO performance, vewfinders that "freeze" when the camera is recording, etc.

the FZ20 can now be had for under $400 if you shop around. it's stilla very capable camera, and though it's "only" 5MP instead of 8, that's a small consideration unless you plan to cropa lotand still try to print at 11x14 size.the FZ30doeshavesome nice features, such as the zoom ring, pivoting LCD and the higher resolution EVF, butthosearemostly just handling conveniences,and are relatively unimportant from a purely image quality standpoint; i really don't believe it offersany significant improvement over the FZ20 in that regard. it appears to be just as noisy, and actuallyreduces your low-light capability bya full f-stopat12x zoom.

seems to methe choice is this: FZ30 with lots of new gimmicks and gadgets, and 3more MP (which you may or may not need), for $550-$600, or the FZ20, with fewer horns and whistles but with comparable image quality (albeit smaller), for about $200 less. i would recommend finding a dealer that has both. try them out, get a feel for them, see which one does the things you really want most, and then buy that one. you won't go badly wrong with either one. if you decide you don't need 8MP and a pivoting LCD and a zoom ring on the lens, there's really no need to spend the extra money on the FZ30. if those things are important to you, by all means, go for it. just don't expect the '30 to take appreciably better pictures.

tiger98 Oct 18, 2005 6:23 PM

Squirl, While I agreed with some of your points regarding the purchase of the FZ30 over the FZ20. I think Armadilloshield's situation is a little different as he has neither the 20 or the 30 and is trying to decide between the two. I agree that the 20 takes a great picture and is a great camera, but there are new features with the 30 that should make a first time buyer better satisfied with his or her's purchase. After using and evaluating both cameras and the pictures they produce I would not be happy using the FZ20 again! That doesn't take anything away from the FZ20, it's just that I have found the 30 to be a much easier camera to use and I feel the picture quality is better, if only by a little bit. When the FZ40 comes around I'm sure I'll be looking forward to getting one if it only has a few new and better features and takes only a slightly better picture. I just feel if a prospective buyer is looking to buy a Panasonic, and doesn't currently have one, then they would be wiser to get the newest model otherwise they might as well buy a FZ15 which they could get for better price than even a FZ20 and it also takes a great picture ! The final decision will be up to armadilloshield and I hope he reads everything we both, and others, have said. I respect your opinion and understand that you, (as I), are only trying to give him enough information from both sides of the coin for him to make an intelligent decision. That's what makes this country great we can all have different cameras and differences of opinion. :lol: Respectfully, Jim

armadilloshield Oct 18, 2005 6:56 PM

Squirl033 & Tiger98, thanks for both of your info and suggestion.
I will consider carefully b4 make final purchase.
Just for a hobby and I'm not a pro at all:-)
I also can wait a little longer maybe end of this year or early next year to see what is market like
Another thing, after compared the camera, looks like FZ5 maybe more suitable for me, as the size is smaller

tiger98 Oct 18, 2005 8:50 PM

Your welcome armadilloshield. I'm sure you'll like any of the cameras in the FZ line! And your right the FZ5 is much more compact. Jim

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