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RP33 Nov 20, 2005 8:02 AM

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How fast does it recoverafter it is used? How many shots per second or seconds per shot? Does anyone know the effective range.

I am looking for the flash to shoot basketball. Will it work or is there something better in the same price range.

scb Nov 20, 2005 9:16 AM

Fresh batteries are the key. With fresh batteries, I'd say that you will have just a couple of seconds before it is ready. I've also ben able to use it in burst mode if the batteries are fresh. When the batteries start getting low....recovery time can be 5-10 seconds. I would love to give you exact times, but I had to send my Sunpak in for warranty work....all of a sudden, it wouldn't furn on. So...I'll be finding out how good their service dept. is....hope to get it back in 1-2 weeks.

As to shooting basketball games, I think it would depend on the lighting and how close you are to the action. In its price range, I don't think you'll find anything with a larger range.

With an auxillary flash...I suggest getting a flash bracket. I bought one and used it when taking shots of my son's wedding. It really makes it easier to hold the camera and avoids the top heavy feeling of the flash unit attached directly to the camera.

Recently, I added a Stofen diffuser....very effective for indoor shots. I'm still learning how to use it for maximum benefit.

Hope this helps.

genece Nov 20, 2005 10:16 AM

I scaned the manual for someone and its here ..its not the best job and you must scroll to read it all but it may help.

It says the effective range is 60 ft and the recycle time is 1 1/2 second at full power and 3/10 second at minimum power.

But as scb said you can shoot a burst with a full charge and full power.

RP33 Nov 20, 2005 10:48 AM

What is the best battery set up for best results?

smilez03 Nov 21, 2005 4:16 AM

Just a personal preference, but I believe in Duracell or Energizer batteries. When I produce live sound events and need batteries for a wireless audio device, it's always one of the two. While the price is tempting, I never trust drug store brands for camera performance (for the TV remote, just fine!)

genece Nov 21, 2005 8:12 AM

I use rechargeable batteries , get the largest ones available. 2500 to 2700 mAh

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