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See below for an exchange I recently had with a fellow FZ30 owner, who is a gentleman and scholar. The inability to use the burst mode with the EVF"s was one of the few complaints I have had with the FZ cameras. But there are solutions for this as you can see below. I am not sure if this was ever discussed anywhere on Steve's, but I have not seen it.


Hi, I just read your intro on Steve's digicams and I noticed that you are getting the FZ20 to largely shoot cyclists in motion. I own the FZ20 (and might upgrade to the FZ30). Both camera's burst modes seem, in my opinion, to be almost unusable for fast moving objects since there is no optical viewfinder, and the EVF as well as the LCD screen freeze while shooting in burst mode, which makes it impossible to follow the object. Have you found a way around that? Just curious.


[i]Hi Rainer -

Well, let me see. I HAVE found a solution, but only through others.

In the DPR Forums (DPR Forums - Panasonic <
]http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/forum.asp?forum=1033');][i]http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/forum.asp?forum=1033> several - many actually - have extolled the virtues of the Red Dot Sight. There are many around, but the BSA RD30 (BSA Scopes & Optics <]http://www.bsaoptics.com/productdetail.asp?ID=513&Prod_Code=RD30');][i]http://www.bsaoptics.com/productdetail.asp?ID=513&Prod_Code=RD30> is the absolute favorite. You attach it to the hot shoe with a custom made piece of kit (Photosolve Home > Products > Xtend-a-Sight <]http://www.photosolve.com/main/product/xtendasight/index.html');]http://www.photosolve.com/main/product/xtendasight/index.html>.

People swear by it for things like race cars, flying birds, etc., and their photos seem to bear the idea out. I am not entirely sure how the device works, but it essentially projects a red dot - in the case of the RD30, with 11 brightness settings - on its front (I think) lens. [N.B. No beam is projected outside of the device, as in laser sights.] You sight it in like any telescope, with the seemingly preferred distance being around 100 yards, and thereafter you use that as your "optical viewfinder". Even at different distances, except for some minor parallax issues, it still keeps the target well in the frame according to the others.

I am SO convinced that I have already ordered the mount, and am searching over here for the scope. I plan to use it and be successful. 8')

You can do searches on "Red Dot" and "BSA", etc., on the Forum, and find a lot of info.

Are you interested in cycles, or some other target? And where are you geographically? Just curious. I am in Southern France in the foothills of the Alps.

Hope this helps. Let me know!


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interesting concept, converting a red-dot gun sight for use on a camera!i've usedred dotsights, and theywork well under a variety of lighting conditions, but i'd be a little unsure how well they'd work for this. you wouldn't be able to see any of your expsure or focus data, but i suppose if you use manual settings, orreally trust the camera's auto modes, and don't mind the added bulk, it'd be okay. the other thing to remember is that because all of these red-dot sights are intended for use on firearms, there's a think called "eye relief", which means you cannot get the full field of view through the device with your eye right up against the rear lens (as you would with the EVF). you have to keep your eye about 4-6 inches (or more, depending on the sight)back to see the full field of view, and this would make using it awkward. i suppose with practice, you could get to where this was natural enough and steady enough to work well, but it'd take some getting used to for people like me who use the EVF almost exclusively for most shots except from a tripod...

if you decide to go with a red-dot sight, there are a ton of them out there. BSA is a decent brand. they range in size from 1 inch diamter up to over 2 inches for use with handguns and bows. they also make very small ones that would work even better than the BSA, in my mind, but they're a good bit more pricey... here's a couple of links if you want to look into other options.'

here's another link to a very small sight that weighs almost nothing, and offers the same performance and functions as the tube-style sights. i have one of these on a .22 pistol, and it works marvelously. but the eye relieve is long, and it takes some getting uset do to keep the dot centered. it has no on/off switch or brightness knob; those are controlled automatically. may be hard to find, and it's not cheap... i think they run a couple of hundred bucks... but if you're really serious about panning shots and plan to do a lot of it, the investment might be worthwhile.

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