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KENNETHD Dec 9, 2005 2:20 AM

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A re shoot without the glass, very hard to avoid blown hi lites

Will.Blaschko Dec 9, 2005 4:26 AM

Very startling image. I like it a lot, maybe if the face was a little less centered, it should be more to the left so there's more nose room. Either way, much less cluttered than the first, and much more striking.

spy Dec 9, 2005 9:54 AM

Great shot Kennethd, this shot made me look at it for a while. What were your settings?

KENNETHD Dec 9, 2005 3:03 PM

Thanks, guys...I'm still not done with this experiment, I think I can smooth out that glare problem. I used a manual focus, turned off IS, tripod, 1/2 sec exposure f 3.6 and to be sure of no camera shake used a 2 second timer to trip the shutter. Lighting was a candle at about 8 or 9 inches behind the chyrstal, no other light source, in a darkened room at night. Sat the carving on a solid suface, covered with black material and hung black material behind it with the candle between the backdrop and the carving. Eeeeeya.....I know. It sounds like a lot of work but wasn't really. I keep looking at this thing and just know there's a good picture to be had...somehow. Best regards, thanks for the comments...


tiger98 Dec 9, 2005 7:10 PM

Kenneth, That does look better than the earlier one you posted, as Spy said it makes you look at it ! Jim

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