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Very nice, restful garden. You caught the peaceful shadoweness ( if that's a word ) of the gardens very well. :|Don
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Narmer wrote:

Nice place and veryinteresting photos.

About #1 did you make PP?

Green is so abundant and nearly perfect in that: attractive color.
FZ20 would throw in much yellow insuch a color condition.
The only lack is thePF in the leafs on the trees: never experienced it so evidently with my FZ20.

Francesco for posting to Zoto I always use PS CS2 and always the shadow/highlight feature BUT I do darken the shadows because the default is not to my taste too open For my likning easy to adjust in the slider anyways.

For #1 I also used USM and boosted contrast a wee bit then I always resize to 800 X 600 and post to Zoto.

Its a very Beautiful garden and the contrast ratio then was pretty wide
I mostly bracket +- 1/3 and set the FZ30 to -1/3 EV default
All shots were with full screen average metering

WB was on Auto

I think the FZ30 is pretty good, its the zoom thats superb so easy to use with the index finger and well lots of other good things ...

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mtngal wrote:
Got home, looked atthese on my own monitor - what a difference! These are really good shots, all of them. I take back my question, though it did get me to compare, and appreciate my flat panel monitor at home.
mtngal Monitor sure has a bearing I normally use a 19" Sony trinitron and an LCD laptop I do see differences between the two I mostly use the CRT which tends to be less contrasty.
Certainly the monitor will play a part in the look of the image someone has edited in PP
one should really use a calibrated monitor, most people seem to like my images so I guess I am not far off

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Boyzo, really like those pictures. As a Sandgroper really envy the gardens you can produce in Victoria (not your footballers of course - Go Eagles!)

Notice you use - 1/3 EV default...A previous query on this forum - although with FZ20 produced conflicting theories, the majority going for +1/3...I guess bracketing is the answer
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Boyzo, to you and all the FZ30 owners I cannot but wish great fun with your FZ30 jewel.

Next year we, 1year FZ20 owners, will smile with a new FZ40, and you will have to wait for FZ50.... :-)
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