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I have a Nikon SB-50DX Speedlight flash, and was wondering if it would be safe to use it on myFZ20.

The FZ's manual says to "make sure the flash is designed for use with a digital camera and the trigger voltage is based on ISO 10330 (less than 24 volts)".

I have no idea what the trigger voltage on the SB-50DX is, and the manual is not anywhere nearby, so I searched online and found this page which has the trigger voltages for a *lot* of flashes.


Turns out that the trigger voltage for the SB-50DX is "5-6V", so I'm safe.
Tought this might be useful for others with a similar problem.
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I'm not looking to get an external flash, but thanks for posting that, it could come in handy for anyone shopping for one.
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S`kay, here`s how ya set up a simple volt meter to check the trigger voltage on a flash. Charge up the flash so it`s ready to strobe. Then set your meter, andmeter leads,as such.

Yo Jim C. maybe you should post this under "How to check flashtrigger voltage" in the flash section`cause the question sure doesto arise a lot. By the way, I did get the volt meter info from the "Botzilla" website.

S`later, JH :G
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For safety's sake, it's also worthwhile to check polarity at the same time -- most flashes are centre pin positive (as are the FZ cameras), but some dedicated units in the past have been the other way round.

If the flash outlet isn't diode protected there could be damage.
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Very good thread ....Now if I can find it the next time someone asks.
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