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digcamfan wrote:

12x at 8 megapixels

19x at 3 megapixels

19x plus Olympus B300 (TC-17)

All photos were a little light so ran contrast enhancement in psp8.

All photos handheld and shot thru 55mm uv filter.

Yes, the experiment is a success: FZ30 plus Olympus Lenses = great combo!

Artifact "ruflfles" in sky are due to resize for web. They are not in full size images.

Why do you post small pictures instead of this? You can not judge sharpness in this size.

FZ30 with Wcon08B BTW the pole is not straight.

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Fred, I said that. But that does not apply here because these of all the tech stuff one got to find out about the methods being used to make them. What I wanna say is that one got to learn stuff about the camera and the different approaches to shooting with it.

I mean, no-one posted a pic and said "here's mine, tell me if you like it". You get it?
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rduve wrote:
....and here is my first test shot with the FZ30. Check out the gate on the right and how soft it is. Also there seems to be a lot more barrel distortion. I am using the CRing, by the way, not a step ring.
Wouldyouplease post direct comparison shotswiththe dcr6600 on the fz20 vs the fz30?

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I don't have the FZ20 any longer. And I did not take that many pictures with the DCR-6600. I could try to duplicate the shot I took in downtown LA if the security guards don't chase me away again. It's apparently illegal now to take pictures of highrise or public buildings as part of the Patriot Act...
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