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squirl033 Jan 22, 2006 10:34 AM

OEM= Original Equipment Manufacturer. in this case, it's the battery made by Panasonic (or at least sold under thePanasonic name) for the FZ cameras.

FuZzy15 Jan 22, 2006 12:31 PM

Thanks Squirl and fmoore for the info. Have ordered some batteries from that site. The prices are certainly good and the shipping is cheap. Just to put this in perspective for you, with the curency exchange rate, shipping and sales tax, the price in Canadian dollars for the two is less that $25.00. The cheapest Panasonic battery here is $89.00 each, and have not been able to find non-OEM's here at all. So again, Thank You.
Now does anybody have a good recomendation for a good high speed and high capacity SD card?

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