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well, i own the fz30, which i do love. however, the three determining factors that made me choose it over the fz5 or fz20 were the following: 640x480 video, 60 second shutter in manual mode and manual zoom/focus rings. since the fz7 has now met the video and long shutter release requirements, considering if it's suppose to list @$399 and would probably be available for $349 or so soon after, I'd probably choose the FZ7. maybe i'll up(or down?) grade when it comes out, considering it will have 55mm ring adapter and i've bought a bunch of accessories for that mount size already! anyone want to buy an fz30 in 2 months?!! (i'm joking my wife would lose it!)
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If FZ40 will have a usable ISO 400 it's worth waiting for it.
(And a ISO 1600 comparable to FZ20 ISO 400 would be fine too).
I really hope it'll be a 29-400 8 or max 9 Mp (useless to hope it is 6 or 7) and with only a couple of buttons more (for metering modes and ISO or a "jump" button).

I have a FZ20 since few more than a year, and the only thing which made me distract from taking a FZ30 is just the expectation for its follow up (apart from the fact that I consider it very 'bad' to buy each new model, even when there are money to spend or waste).

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Have you heard anything or have an idea when there might be a follow up to the fz30?
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