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sunstorage Feb 24, 2006 5:55 PM

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Hi folks.
Before few days my "so waited" DCR-250 macro lens arrived. But I must say that they are too "strong" for me. Because it is hard to find photografic stuff in bulgaria I was ordered them US and had to wait ~ 2 mounts until they arrived. Here in Bulgaria I found Hama macro kit (+1,+2,+4) lens but they are too expensive ~50$
And because they are not acromatic I am not sure that I want to buy them. Does any one have shots from such non-acromatic close up lens so I can make "the right" desigion now. If the Nikon T3,T4,T5,T6was available here (in BG) I of course will buy them but they are not.
10x in advance for you help!
Here is an example of the DCR-250 with my FZ20
focal lenght 32mm, F2.8 (I know that F8 is better but the light was low)
the diameter of one circle is ~1.5 mm

fmoore Feb 24, 2006 6:18 PM

The +8 diopter dcr250is justtoopowerful for general use, as you've discovered. (You do have the option of backing off on zoom and cropping away the vignetting that is already occuring at 5x.) The single element sets would probably be more useful. I'd get the cheapest I could find. If you canget just a +1 or+2 single element closeup lens you could do quite a bit with that. A +3 achromatic is best and lately they have not been much easier to get in the US than in Bulgaria. Thatmay very likelybe theresult of the popularity of the PanasonicFZ series (and these forums) since it is one of the few compacts that comes with anadapter for accessory lens attachment.

genece Feb 24, 2006 7:27 PM

Fred knows much more about macros than I do , but I can not help wondering how you have the raynox setup mounted to the camera.... I really struggle with that lens but that photo seems strange somehow.

fmoore Feb 24, 2006 8:48 PM

You're right, Gene. It looks like the lens might be mounted crooked or something and there is vignetting at 5x zoom where I wouldnt' expect it show up until below 3-4x. I wonder if he is attempting to attach it to the stock 72mm fz20 adapter.

Sunstorage - You dont actually need any adapter other than the raynox snap-on to connect the dcr250 to the fz20. The front of the extended fz20 lens housing has enough of a lip to handle the snap-on. Just be careful to turnSleep ModeOFF so the lens wont try to retract with the snap-on adapter attached.

sunstorage Feb 25, 2006 1:49 AM

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I used the Raynox adapter. It adss few milimmters to the distance beteen the DCR-250 and the FZ lens but with it I feel more secure than attaching it directly to the FZ20.

The Kit I found is only 1,2,4 - They do not sell only the +2 :(
But this is the reality here in BG.
So do you have shots with non-acromatic lens so I can see how worse is the CA with them?

Here is another one shot

seemolf Feb 25, 2006 3:51 AM

Hi sunstorage,
I did some tests in my early days.
One of them was done with a canon 240 lens - close up +4 diopter single lens.
I thought it was the same as 240d (similar to the excellent 250d achromat) at that time!

But we have a direct comparison now:
close up +4;forum_id=23
achromats +7,7 and less - olympus;forum_id=7

same bugs in some cases, so just look and decide.


sunstorage Feb 25, 2006 4:11 AM

10x seemolf
your shots realy helped me to deside.
The non-acromats are not so bad (at least the canon 240). Actualy the shots you show look VERY good (no wonder that the fmoore identify them as 250d)

I will go to the store for more information about the Hama ones.

I wonder is there is a big difference by general brand (for me hama is general brand - am I mistaken?) and the big monsters in lens productions (as the Canon and Olympus)

So if some one have more shots I will be VERY happy to see them - no matter they are good or bad ones!

Yogibear Feb 25, 2006 3:51 PM

I too was quite disappointed about the strong vignetting of the DCR-250 at shorter focal lengths (under 6x), although I mount it in a thin 62-55 stepdown ring on the first Phayee tube, very close to the front lens. Moreover, it enlarges just too much when I 'zoom away' the vignetting - I don't want to make full format portraits of ants all the time!

I now have bought asecondhand55mm Olympus MCON-40 via Ebay in Germanyfor US$33 which is not so strong as the DCR-250and can be used throughout the whole zoom range without vignetting. It's an achromat as well and of very good quality.

This lens is offered frequently at EBAY at low cost, as well asthe Minolta Nr.1 and Nr.2 with a 55mm thread.

The DCR-250 is currently lying around gathering dust.

fmoore Feb 25, 2006 5:16 PM

Let's not be too hard on the dcr250. It is without a doubt an excellent lens. It's just too powerful for general use. The mcon40 has a freindlier focus distance (~13"), a much greater depth of field (which is much more forgiving), andthere is no vignetting throughout the zoom. After you get some experience with the mcon40, take your dcr250 for a ride. It might be more fun then.

DarthCroc Feb 26, 2006 11:14 AM

I already have a set of Hoya +1 +2 +4 adapters and just ordered a Raynox DCR-250, should be here sometime later next week. Will try and post some comparison shots then

Saludos Amigos !! :D

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