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their accessories page...

It's kind of odd, since as I first started looking into upgrading to an FZ30 about 3 weeks ago (mine came Wednesday! , I looked at "accessories" on their products page, and it shows that release, but with no link to buy it.

My understanding is it was originally about $30, and I was also under the impression that the ONLY remotes still available were NOT Panasonics, but off-brand... Well Monday, after my camera was on its way, I decided to follow the link posted in one of the other threads here, I believe, and see for myself...

Funny, when you bring up their parts page and punch in "DMW-RS1, it brings up Part No. VYCO913. I didn't care, so long as it worked, and the price was about as low as anywhere else, so I ordered it...

It arrived today, and when I opened it, what I found was THE ORIGINAL DMW-RS1, with the Panasonic Logo on it and everything.

So if you want the original, you'll get it. Note they charge $4.95 shipping and then do something I don't think is legal, but some companies are OBSESSIVE about collecting sales tax (while most don't bother at all), they add sales tax to the total AFTER shipping, which in my case added 25 cents to my total.

Oh well.

For anyone interested, link to the page where you can order the shutter release. I had saved a "direct link," after doing a search for the DMW-RS1, but when clicking on the link below, it says "part not found." What you'll have to do is click on the "Buy Parts and Accessories" link near the upper left corner of the page. That will bring up a list of blank spaces into which you may type model numbers, and typing DMW-RS1 will do the trick.


Now that I have THAT, and a spare battery from NWV Direct ($17 + $6.50 shipping), AND a 2 GB Sandisk Ultra II (60x) SD card from BlueProton (only through Amazon.com, which actually handles the payment, if you're about dealing with no-name companies, like I am -- $83.99 + $7.99 shipping), I'm all set.

My next purchase probably WILL be from Phayee -- that 40-foot extension for the DMW-RS1, so I can sit 45 feet away from the camera and get really CLOSEUP pictures of birds and other wildlife using a tripod.

Happy Shooting!

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