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I'm now going to put an alternative view here, and I can almost see the reaction I may get from some quarters. So be it.

Having just put my film SLR aside after 30 years as the default camera, I bought the FZ30 just at the time when technical reviews of digicams were mostly pulling in the same direction. That is, this camera was a good one, maybe the best in its class.

All cameras have inadequacies. New models are brought out to satisfy the demand for innovation, as with computers. Not because the makers accept that they got something wrong. They'll never do that. The process keeps people in jobs, increases turnover and profit, hopefully, if they've got it right. This is 'new technology'.

But I'm from a generation that felt it did not want to be continually chasing the latest innovations. We adapted to a camera's shortcomings. We really felt we knew it. At the end of the day it still produced pictures of equal quality to the ones now coming off the production lines.

So I feel somewhat bemused when I read that some people may feel the need to have every model Panasonic have produced - or hopefully will produce - in this 'prosumer' or 'bridge' class of camera. Each one a bit better than the last.

For me, the FZ is a great camera. It's brought me back to taking photography seriously again. It's produced another learning curve and I love those. I have no intention of lashing out another few hundred quid on an FZ40 if it ever appears. I'll live with the shortcomings of the FZ30. Having said that, I do acknowledge that if I had ever been seriously into producing really large colour prints from my images, I'd have been looking at DSLRs in the first place.

It's horses for courses, isn't it? But a new camera each year is not the way I've ever gone, nor will it be in the future. Of course I'll be interested to see if Panasonic address this noise issue, but I just can't see them doing it in a way to satisfy the sorts of criticism they've been getting in the press and in on-line forums. That would admit to failure wouldn't it? And in any case, let's put it into perspective. The number of people expressing these concerns must be minuscule compared with the number of units they are selling. It's just the same with car reviews, ISPs, and any other mass-selling item produced today. Of course if you just can't get on with it, you quit. But it'd have to be something very seriously wrong with the FZ30 that would make me want to chuck it out tomorrow.

Sorry for the length of my treatise. Now I'll shut up and stand by for blasting!
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From what I have seen FZ30 is not a minor upgrade on 20.
3 Mp more are not the only upgrade, with f/11, twistable LCD with higher res, end of that bad adaptor ...
IQ is similar but I think 30 has more appealing colors and less cast (espec. the yellow one which is often found in FZ20). I think colors are more saturated on FZ30 but also closer to the originals (esp. blues and reds).

As I said in another post this is not the best moment to take a FZ30, for FZ40 could be out in a few months this summer.
Wheter it is only going to be a 10Mp with same FZ30 CCD, then at that time I ll buy a FZ30 to upgrade my 12/2004 FZ20, for a cheaper price than now.

On a dream FZ40 I'd like to have a bigger CCD possibly of 9Mp (useless to ask for a 8Mp) and a smaller minor aperture f/16 and F=29-400.
Ans some more buttons or joystick functions for direct selection of ISO, Metering and AF type.
But I am pretty sure these will remain dreams....
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