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1mobilman Mar 22, 2006 5:09 PM

:PI waited a little over a week for my new FZ30 to be delivered to my house and today fed-ex shows up with the box here I am like a little kid opening a new toy and when when my mom brought me the box I said to myself it felt a little light. I thought circuirt city just sent the memory card and the new camera case and when I opened it up there was the camera box it the big brown box but no camera someone was nicer enough to take the camera/owners manual and all other stuff that was there. I said what the He-l I was totally suprised some a--hole took everything on me and rewrapped everything and sent it on.I dont know if this helps I still have the FZ30 box with the serial number(A6SS00098 R)if by chance some tries you or someone you know(maybe 1 in a 1,000,0000) dont buy it is a stolen camera.well I get to wait again circuit city is shipping out another one I hope circuit city/Fed-ex finds that S O B. It really stunk now i have to wait again.

monday morning This morning I just got off the phone with CC to find out my new order number and they told me they did not have a new order number yet that someone will call me before the end of the week with all the new information they said they need to contact fed-ex first to trace the package I told CC we are know where the package is we just dont know where the contents of the packages are.I then told them why did they tell me saturday when it happened they were reshipping the package right away and they did not say it was going to be a week or so before it gets reshipped. Hopefully they said they will reship the complete order before the weenend comes. I did tell them I was very peaved at the whole situation an I hope they reship the package over night or 1st or 2nd air so I dont have to wait another week or weekand a half. In so many words I am peaved I just want my camera.

wensday morning well just got off the phone again to find out what is going on and I was told they will be contacting me by thursday afternoon. I told them I needed the camera by this weekend for a family function that is why I ordered it a week and a half ago and If I dont have it by this weekend CC is going to have one irate customer on there hands. also I told them I am paying finance charges on my credit card for something I am not using nor do i have. that alone gets my onions twisted. I told them if I am not going to have the camera buy the weekend to keep the whole order and I will purchase it else where.

bayourebel Mar 22, 2006 6:33 PM

Man, that sounds like what normally happens to me. Usually, I have to go to the store twice. Once, to buy, and the second time to get one that works. I tell everyone that my guardian angels's name is Murphy. Everyone seems to know him.

Hope all works out for you.

KENNETHD Mar 22, 2006 7:43 PM

Ouch. What a story. You might add that all of your friends at Steve's are watching and waiting to see how this is handled. It may impact the way we order our goods, too.


LadyhawkVA Mar 22, 2006 8:47 PM

That's some story.

I haven't dealt with CC online orders but I have dealt with FedEx - they can be a real pain in the patootie (I hope that word won't be censored :blah:).

Last week, I ordered a photo book from Kodak Gallery and paid for next day delivery (which would have been Wednesday). I needed next-day delivery because I had family visiting from Canada and they were only here for a few days. Well, Wednesday morning I check my FedEx tracking number and find out the thing's been en route for like 24 hours - from California to Virginia. So, I called FedEx and got a song and dance about how sorry they were - the plane had mechanical problems and it got shipped a day later. I told them I had paid for next-day delivery; since they hadn't delivered as promised, I expected a refund. They told me to get the refund information from the delivery guy.

Thursday morning (my guests had already left by now and I won't see them for several months), the delivery guy comes. I ask him about the refund and he tells me to call the same 800 number that I had talked to the day before (you know, the people who told me to talk to him!). So, I call FedEx again. This time they tell me that I have to get the refund from the company that shipped the order - Kodak Gallery - since the transaction was between Kodak and FedEx. Well, okay, that's all well and good, it even makes sense - so why didn't they tell me that the first time around?!?

I emailed Kodak Gallery, explained what happened, and they are giving me a shipping discount on my next order.

FedEx Sucks
Kodak Gallery scores a point for doing the right thing.

iason Mar 23, 2006 2:13 AM


I thought such these kinds of CRM* deficiencies only happen here, in Turkey..

Of course, mankind can not be perfect all the time, but it's surprised for me that it's also very common in the States.

The difference is, well, unlike you had done, you can not have lots of chance to find a solution in favour of yourself. Usually, the story ends with you have to go to the center personally and make a strong argument, some shouting, yelling, threating them to go to court etc.. If you are lucky -or if you can frighten them enough- they accept to serve you the reasonable solution.

For this example, if this was happened in Turkey, I'm 100% sure, when you called CC they'd say; "How do we know you took all the content in the box and sold it? You should have checked it at the door, once you had got the box from FedEx delivery. We can not do anything!"


*CRM: Customer Relationship Management

polar905 Mar 23, 2006 6:41 AM

It is stories like this that make me not want to buy from companies that use UPS or Fedex, cause of the headaches. There are more since I am in Canada with the duty and tarriff stuff too.

I hope that you get your camera and things work out.

1mobilman Mar 23, 2006 7:17 PM

Thursday afternoon.
I called CC thursday afternoon again explaining my situation to three CC customer support that could hardly talk english and understand english and I asked to then speak to a supervisor and then put on hold while waiting on hold and then finally getting if you want to make a phone call please hang up and try the number again I just love keep getting disconnected and finally on the forth call I get somebody that talks english again explaining the situation and I want to know what is going on. The CC rep tells me that who ever entered all of the info on my case into the computer did it wrong and it just gotten entered properly this morning and they are now looking into the whole situation. Last time I ever order online from CC for delivery

trooplewis Mar 23, 2006 10:25 PM

I ship a lot of wheel-and-tire sets (mounted and balanced) that weigh 95lbs each thru UPS. Last month I sent a set of 4 from San Diego to a guy in Missouri. 3 of them got there, one got lost. Lost. How do you lose a 95 lb, 34 inch diameter tire?

What was really bad was that they would only pay me back $100. I had to pay $680 to replace the missing wheel and tire with brand new ones from my Ford parts department. I'm convinced the driver took it for a spare for his truick.

1mobilman Mar 24, 2006 1:02 AM

trooplewis wrote:

I ship a lot of wheel-and-tire sets (mounted and balanced) that weigh 95lbs each thru UPS. Last month I sent a set of 4 from San Diego to a guy in Missouri. 3 of them got there, one got lost. Lost. How do you lose a 95 lb, 34 inch diameter tire?

What was really bad was that they would only pay me back $100. I had to pay $680 to replace the missing wheel and tire with brand new ones from my Ford parts department. I'm convinced the driver took it for a spare for his truick.

the problem is that you can only assume and cant point fingers i like I told one guy that said it was me,what am I gaining over it if I am the one calling panasonic and everybody alse because the camera can not be sent in for warranty because panasonic I called and emailed with the serial number and asked them to please be aware of it. I asked CC and fed-ex if they wanted me to call the police to fill out a report and I was told by both of them dont call they will handle it.

1mobilman Mar 28, 2006 12:20 AM

Monday afternoon
I called Cc today and to see what is going on with my camera and they informed me after 9 days they still have no answer and then They told me they are waitng for the form from fed-ex that I was supposed to fill out and send back that I still have not yet received from fed-ex which is giong on 9 days,I called fed-ex and they said they were sorry I did not get it yet and asked me if I can get to a fax machine I told them I have one well they faxed me the claim form and I filled it out and faxed it right back. I then got baCK on the phone with CC and asked them when am I going to see my camera they informed me they are not sure when but please give them a call back tomorrow and I said if they do not have an answer by tomorrow as to when I am getting my camera they can cancel the order and I am goiong to beach camera for my order. And I will never recommend CC or fed-ex for the way the customers are treated.

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