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JimC wrote:
rduve wrote:
Here is a place that has a good price on it. http://www.prestigecamera.com/product~id~mnamx5-digkit.htm. Just make sure they don't sell you a bunch of junky, overpriced accessories.
That's a gray market camera without a US manufacturer's warranty.

These guys have a very bad reputation, and have been accused of padding thier own ratings. See this note at resellerratings.com:

"We detected and disabled 50+ fraudulent "Very Satisfied" reviews for this merchant. Due to the continuous submission of said reviews, we are no longer accepting new reviews for this store as of 1/19/2006."


Comments from the Better Business Bureau:

"Additional Information Complaints to the Bureau indicate that this firm uses high pressures sales tactics after consumers place their orders. After ordering merchandise consumers report receiving a phone call from the firm's customer representatives attempting to sell additional items. Representatives allegedly try to persuade consumers to buy the U.S. warranty, as well as accessories like cables, peripherals, and software, or lead consumers to believe the product will not work if additional merchandise is not purchased. In some cases, if the consumers declined, an email was sent advising them to cancel their orders because the item was on back-order despite being listed as available on the firm's website. Consumers also reported unauthorized charges on their invoices. When trying to dispute such charges, consumers report difficulty talking to management, claiming they are verbally abused by the company's staff."


I believe someone ordered an FZ30 from them and it came in Japanese.
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Bryan Biggers has a very good article that everyone should read before buying a camera from a vendor they're not familar with:

How to Buy a Digital Camera without being Robbed

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Oops sorry. Didn't mean to recommend a bad place. I have ordered cameras in the past from some of those fast talking, pushy guys at a boiler room in Brooklyn, but have succeeded, after a lot of haggling, in getting the item without buying a bunch of useless, overpriced accessories. Some of them, however, consider items like the battery an extra "accessory" and sell it for an extra $200. Gotta be careful. I have been very happy with buydig in the past. Good prices, no pushy sales people and fast, free delivery.
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Yep.. you might get away with getting a camera from them (if you're lucky).

But, the Alpha Sweet model shown is for the Japanese market and would not have a US warranty. Of course, they'd try to sell you a warranty (that's probably not worth the paper it's written on), along with some essentials (like a battery). ;-)

I sure wouldn't go near those guys.

The 5D is pretty hard to come by now (although I think Ritz/Wolf still has some kits at $699).

The best deal around on a KM DSLR right now is the 7D package (Maxxum 7D + 28-75mm f/2.8 lens) at Adorama for $949


The 28-75mm f/2.8 lens alone sells for $389 at vendors like B&H.

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Last week I posted a thread in the Fuji forum. Yes I own a 9000 and yes I love it. The thread I posted was describing how bashers show up in every forum and how they seem to lash out at any camera they don't own.

I can tell you that I have tried the FZ30 and I felt it was a great camera. Yes it has more noise than my 9000 at any given ASA, but it has IS that I feel makes up for the noise. A low light shot that requires ASA 400 on my Fuji, would probably only require ASA 100 on the FZ30 because of the IS. If you are looking at a FZ30 and noise is the only issue keeping you away, buy the FZ30. It's a great camera.

I ended up with the 9000 because it had slightly more resolving power than the FZ30, more film-like images, AA batteries etc. It suited my needs better than the FZ30 but I would not recommend the 9000 as a point and shoot or for and inexperienced shooter. I helpedmy 80+ year old father in choosing the FZ30, mainly because it will suit him better with his shaky hands, more automationand the extended telephoto range. I feel they are both great cameras, but for different needs.

If the FZ30has the features thatfit your requirements, go with it. Don't listen to bashers that have never had one in their hands.
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