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Hiroshi Apr 9, 2006 2:37 AM

I know Nick Trop still enjoysto dabble in 35 mm film photography (Do the Yashica dance). When I came back to the forum and read some of the old posts,I was amazed at the huge response Nick got on the Yashica Rangefinder.

Ithought it would be fun to see how many of you on the forum still dabble in film and the equipment you use.


P.S. I had canceled the thread because of lack of interest, but since some of you have responded, I guess it's worthwhile to keep it going:cool:

Puddock Apr 9, 2006 7:23 AM

I would like to but my old OM1n is now in Hong Kong courtesy of eBay- and I am $150 better off.
Still have a few old treasures, an Agfa and an Olly XA but I can never imagine paying to have film developed ever again.



iason Apr 9, 2006 4:31 PM

Hey Hiroshi, I was on my weekend vacation! Do not cancel the topic and I can post some of'em.

A FED4 Rangefinder

A Pentax SLR -which I forgot the model-

Fed4 is no longer used, Pentax is proudly and efficiently used by my dad as for his dia+ shots.

CerambyX Apr 9, 2006 4:36 PM

Can't help you with showing my "old" equipment, because I don't have one - FZ20 is my first and only photocamera... If some Kodak no-zoom "soap-box" film camera doesn't count :lol:

But I also think that it is very interesting theme for discussion - so leave it as it was! :-)

Hiroshi Apr 9, 2006 8:08 PM

iason wrote:

Hey Hiroshi, I was on my weekend vacation! Do not cancel the topic and I can post some of'em.

A FED4 Rangefinder

A Pentax SLR -which I forgot the model-

Fed4 is no longer used, Pentax is proudly and efficiently used by my dad as for his dia+ shots.
It's come to my attention that Nick Trop has the exclusive rights for these kind of it's better that I discontinue this thread and wait for him to do it.....I certainly don't want to get sued over a contract infringement;):G


Rick55 Apr 10, 2006 12:19 PM

I still have a bunch of 35mm cameras, but only one picture here to upload.

Here's a pic of my 35mm case that I always grab when heading out along with my digital camera case. I still haven't completly "let go" of the 35mm stuff but I don't use them much since I bought the FZ20.

In this case...a Canon A-1 and aAE-1Program with related equipment.

Funny how my FZ20 has replaced this whole box of stuff.

David C Apr 10, 2006 8:24 PM

Rick, that is very close to my A-1 kit (though my case was never that organised!)...

I still love the camera (and will never part with it) - but find I hardly ever use it anymore (just can't go past the convenience factor of digital and the prospect of paying to have film developed just turns me off nowadays).

Though the FZ20 is a very capable camera, I still feel nearly all my best photos were taken with the A-1.

The FZ20 is great for carrying around and perfect for holidays, family outings etc- and I have a host of very nice pictures taken from it (inc. many that would have been difficult to get with nearly any other sort of cam) - but for many of the artistic-type shots I like to do, the FZ20's shortcomings in sensor noise and focussing are just too limiting. I think I would only be happy comparing final picture quality (esp. since I used to generally shot low grain slide film) if I ever manage to afford a decent (full frame) DSLR.

Lots of my compositions entail critical focus setting (eg hyperfocal for landscapes, often through very dark ND filters) which used to be quite easy on the A-1's viewfinder but drives to me distraction on the FZ's low-res EVF! Especially given the FZ series complete lack of any focus distance indication (I still can't understand Panasonic leaving such a critical feature off a cam of this type!).

Given the FZ20 versatility and quite good image quality it will do me for a fair while yet - and I would probably keep it even if I got a DSLR, since I would mainly use the SLR with wide aperature primes and/or wideangles, still using the FZ20 for 'reach'. But I would like to upgrade to a full-frame sensor at some stage (ie if they ever become affordable)...

Rick55 Apr 11, 2006 7:32 AM


Yes, I agree. I am very happy to have FZ20 for almost all of my needs. It's nice having one camera that will almost do it all. But there are times that only my 35mm cameras will do the job. So, until I buy a DSLR I will still grap that case of 35mm equipment along with my digital case. The thing is, when I do buy a DSLR I will end up with a whole big case full of stuff to lug around again.

Rick55 Apr 11, 2006 7:33 AM

Hiroshi....let's see your 35mm cameras.:-?

Hiroshi Apr 11, 2006 10:44 AM

Rick55 wrote:

Hiroshi....let's see your 35mm cameras.:-?
I had them up before I canceled the thread cause I was getting no response. I'm at work now, so when i get home tonight I'll repost the pic.


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