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Right here, Hiroshi!

I stumbled upon this thread... very interesting.

First off, 35mm film will not die in your lifetime. There's more film out there than ever. I mostly shoot 6X6 these days, and 35 usually with a rangefinder..

In fact, that's how I found this thread. I bought a Fujica "Compact Deluxe" for $15 on eBay a few weeks ago. Well there's nothing "out there" about this camera, it's a real odd ball. I was real curious because I shot a roll with it, and this camera just makes magnificent sharp beautiful pics!

So, I tried to find something about the V2 - and low and behold, I found this thread. And low and behold, it was a thread by you - pretty cwazy coincidink - eh?

So here are my manual cameras...

35mm rangefinders:

1. Yashica Electro GSN. Wonderful camera imo. Did a whole rant about it here a couple months ago. Great camera. The only aperture priority fixed lens RF.

2. Yashica Electro 35 CC. "Stole" this rare camera on eBoy for $36, somehow. I've seen it go for as high as $200. Why? It's the only 35mm rangefinder that has an f1.8. lens, and it's excellent. Not too many fast 35's on this. Leica has an f2.0 35mm that costs as much as your house. There's a guy in Japan who hacks the lens off this thing and converts them to Leica screw mount.

3. Yashica Lynx 14. BIG camera, with a BIG lens - fully manual with a match needle metering. Has a renound f 1.4 lens, the fastest on a fixed lens rangefinder. This one is currently jammed, though, and needs to be sent out for servicing. GREAT with TX in diafine for a true 1600 iso.

4. Fujica Compact Deluxe. Oddball rangefinder, with nearly no info on it. Bought it as a beater for $15 after taking a spill on rollerblades with my Yashica CC. Very full featured shutter priority with metered manual mode. As we "speak" I'm changing the light seals.

5. Not a 35mm, it's a 6x6, but I also have a Agfa Ventura 66 Deluxe. This is my "Leica". Has the Solinar lens, and is unmetered and I use a rangefinder attachment on the hotshoe. Nothing in 35 can touch 6x6 for pure image quality. However, these pure manual cameras are a little too slow shooting for me. That's why I pass on the FSU "Feds" and Kievs...

35mm SLR

Only one, a Cosina-made Vivitar S3000. 100% manual. Off brand? Yep. Got it at K-mart circa 1990 for $1000. This is a Pentax K-mount camera, but I also use an M42 screw-mount adapter.
Lenses -
Pentax K
- 24mm, f2.8 ultra-wide Sigma. (This is a hard to find lens that exceeds many Leica and Nikon lenses in MTF data... very sharp.)
- 19mm 3.5 Vivitar ultra-wide
- 50 mm 1.7 Vivitar - not a bad lens at all, considering it came with the camera

35mm f2.4 Zeiss Flektogon. "Legendary" Zeiss Jena optic. Very close focusing range, nearly macro.
- 50mm 1.9 Zeiss Pancolor. Another Jena, but I don't use this often. When I shoot 50mm I use a rangefinder.
- 85mm f2.0 Jupiter 9. Wow. I love this Russian lens. It's a Zeiss Sonnar copy (I think) with a beautiful 15 blade aperture. Outstanding portrait lens, almost too sharp stopped down

Kiev 60.
This is a Russian medium format SLR. Cheap for such a camera at about $100. The camera's built like crap, but it gets the job done. Uncoupled metering but it has an outstanding range of lenses that cost a fraction of what comparable quality lenses cost.

50 mm Zeiss Flectogon (35mm, 35 mm equiv). Renound wide-angle, excellent optic.
65mm Mir - Russian lens, I use this a lot
120mm Zeiss, this is a beat up old lens with dust in the inner element and dinged up. It's one of my favorites and takes great portraits.
180mm Zeiss Sonnar - Truly legendary portrait lens. This lens is HUGE but it takes amazing portraits. It's just not that practical to carry around due to its size.
30 mm Fisheye... given that these lenses go for several thousand dollars and I paid $140 for one of comparable quality to the Hassy, it's a must if you have a Kiev system. Frankly, however, I don't use this very much.

Well, Hiroshi, you got me on a rant! (Not that that takes much...)

Hope you're well,


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Old Jul 6, 2006, 10:17 AM   #22
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My 35mm was old rangefinder made in USSR back in 60s. Very similar to Leica (I bet they copied it). Fast 1.4 50mm lens, fully manual. But it had a little flaw. Because it was so old the shutter was not working properly. If you went below 1/40s it opend but didn't close. So I was shooting only on 1/200s all the time adjusting only f stop (besides I didn't know anything about photography then). Amazingly most of my pictures were properly focused and exposed. Unfortunatelly I can't post pohoto of it because my brother lend it to someone and as far as I know it didn't come back
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I don't know how to put pictures on here - but this is the lead to pictures of my first camera - my dad gave me when I was 5. It's a 110 Ilford and still just about works. I think it's at least 50 years old, possibly more. I had great fun with it at the time and it was the reason for my interest in photography. I've owned a camera ever since. I also had a Poloroid years ago which "developed" it's own pictures and you had to coat them with a funny smelly chemical stuff. Sorry if the pics aren't very good I'm in a rush. I now have a Panasonic FZ5 and a FX01.



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Old Jul 6, 2006, 11:20 AM   #24
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Excellent thread, I just wanted to be a part of it.
But I have so many cameras...
A camera for glass negatives, box, 6x9 camera, zeiss range finder, spotmatic, pentacon, practica, nikon fm2....
But this was my first camera that I used for my holidays in Sicilia.
All pictures were taken in B&W and developed by hand.
This was the "holy" camera of my father, I lended it for that time:

It is the Kodak Retina IIa with a Rodenstock Heligon f:2/50mm Synchro-Compur
With all the equipment, bags, manuals and boxes:
- camera
- filters, close up lens and sunshade
- auto knips selftimer
- parallaxe additional distance finder (there is one onboard)
- Agfalux bulb flash
- Agfa exposure calculator disk
- Gossen sixtomat x3 Selen Exposure Meter (added lateron)

All parts can be used still, but not with the old Adox film shown above.
This camera was very handy and I used for a long time parallel to my heavy SLR equipment.

Give me a digital upgrade for the 35mm film container and I will start to use it again!

Just to mention it: Features of this camera NOT included in the FZ5:
- infinite exposure time
- f:11 f:16
- manual focus
- remote release (wire)
- external flash, hotshoe
- double exposure
- indicator for DOF
- view finder not darkening
- infrared capability
- ISO - no limits
- no batteries

A long list, there must be something wrong with modern cameras!
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Old Jul 6, 2006, 1:36 PM   #25
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The old Retinas were great cameras. I was looking at one but I've reached the saturation point.

Funny, I have really lost all interest in digital after re-discovering film. Not knocking digital - I was a big enthusiast, esp. the Panasonics, but for whatever reason I've gravitated toward film and I'm not sure I'll ever do digital again unless I'm forced to.

A.a few simple controls

B.great FAST fixed lenses

C. no Photoshop, finiky printers, expensive inks that always ran out


E. Higher film speeds allowing for ambient light photographyand candids.

Bokeh and film speedis the main reason, probably... Film camera gives you control over DOF. I usually shoot people, and often I want to isolate them from the background. I could do this easily with film, but I got tired of the "everything in focus all the time" look of digital P&S. DSLRs do bokeh and give you usable iso above 400 but I didn't want to spend, $1000, $2000, and up for theprivilege (when I can literally spend, like, $50 for the same quality using a used SLR or rangefinder and a roll of film.

Film costs? I was watching an auction where a guy was unloading 54 rolls of all different speed Kodak 35 mm film - slightly outdated (but fine)for $10, plus shipping. The $7.00 for 24 prints is probably /less/ than the cost of printing your own on you PC, and certainly takes less time.

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thats a very cool thread!

This is myOlympus OM-System:

OM-1 - full mechanical Camera, nearly over 30 years old

OM-4 - professionel multispot Camera, very famous

OM 135 / 2,8

OM 50 / 1,8

OM 28 / 3,5

Hanimex 500 / 8,0 Tele

2,0 Converter

Macro- distance-rings

OM T 32 flash

Some Screens, Cables etc.pp



Attached Images
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And thats my Welta:

4,5 x 6 cm Camera

Compur-Rapid Shutter

Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 75 / 2,8

Excelsior light meter

All original packed and from my grandpa.



Attached Images
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Old Jul 6, 2006, 11:06 PM   #28
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Maureen - neat camera. Those old 6x6 folders took 'mazin pics under the right conditions. I still use one. Nothing beats them.

Kklaus - quite a bit o' kit(s) ya got there, sir! Those Weltas were very nice. The Oly is a classic. Do you still shoot them? Seems the europeans still appreciate the classic analog cameras more than we do in the states, though they certainly have a cult following here.

... and the Japanese? Forget about it. They charge top dollar for these cameras on Shinjuku ave.
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Hi Nick,

yes, I still shoot my OM-4, the OM-1 is only for Astrophotography, because you

can manually turn the mirror up.

In 95 % I use my FZ 20. It is so much easier!!

Do you know something about using the T32 Flash on my Pana FZ 20 ?

I am a little bit afraid of doing that.


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Hi Klaus,
as far as I know, the trigger voltage has to be below 24V!
- Please check that! -
In this case, there are no problems:


OM T-32 7.14V/8.4V, measured by J. Mark Morris/Russ Rosener,
9.5-11.3V from Mac Inerney

This is the best list on flashes in the net

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