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NickTrop_redux wrote:

2. Yashica Electro 35 CC. "Stole" this rare camera on eBoy for $36, somehow. I've seen it go for as high as $200. Why? It's the only 35mm rangefinder that has an f1.8. lens, and it's excellent. Not too many fast 35's on this. Leica has an f2.0 35mm that costs as much as your house. There's a guy in Japan who hacks the lens off this thing and converts them to Leica screw mount.


Hi Nick, Your original thread prompted me to also explore getting a rangefinder on top of my digital equipment, and I now have the Yashica Electro 35 with its f1.7 lens, the Yashica MG-1 (f2.8 ) AND the Minolta 7s which also has an f1.8 lens, so the Electro 35 does have another rival at f1.8. I also have a teleconverter and wide-angle converter which came with the Electro 35, but I will usethemon the Minolta (on which they also fit) because it has the TTL metering system. The "eye" is locatedwithin the lens barrel so it will meter the correct lighting with either one of those adapters attached. I'll only use the cameras for B/W shots and also picked up a lab to develop them. Thanks for the tips. They revitalized my ambitions in photography and lab work from decades ago.


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Hey, Rduve. How are you ole buddy? Those old japanese rangefinders are addictive, so be careful. I always have my eBay eye out for a select model. The Yashica CC is rare, but it's really a nice camera. Some downsides though, top shutter 1/250, ASA capped at 400 (for some strange reason), no hot shoe, and plugging in the flash sync automatically sets the shutter to 1/30th.

The Minoltas are also very nice... The most sought after models in good condition are the 7SII, the Oly RD, and the Canon QLIII, 17. All have faster than f2.0 lenses - a luxury in the digital age.
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Thanks, Nick. I am getting for a trip to Europe. I am packing my rangefinders as well as my DSLR and film SLR. I wil visit "old Europe" such as Prague and Berlin. There will be some nice shots to come in black and white. Will keep you posted.


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I have had 35 mms since '68. They include, along with two medium formats:
  • '68 Pentax S1A SLR- no built in light meter[/*]
  • '52 Leica 11F Rangefinder "[/*]
  • '74 Pentax ES11 SLR- one of first auto SLRs[/*]
  • '81 Pentax K1000 SLR -favorite camera
  • '85 Mamiya 220 TLR 6X6[/*]
  • '86 Yashica TLR 6 X 6[/*]
  • '90 Pentax P & S 35
  • '97 Olympus P & S 35[/*]
  • Takumar 50 Macro, 135 mm telephoto, 28 mm W/A,
  • Pentax 35-105 Zoom Macro-favourite lens (fantastic clarity, build quality)[/*]
  • 35 mm W/A Bushnell, 70-210 Zoom Bushnell-terrible lenses-I regret buying them[/*]
Mamiya 65mm W/A & 180 mm Telephoto -medium format.
I now have one digital camera- a Panasonic Lumix DMC 80 with 35-105 (35 equive) Leica lens.

I'm thinking of getting a Nikon or a Canon D SLR. Poss. Good choice?

I almost forgot a German made, '30s Zeiss Ikon, Super Ikonta with Carl Zeiss lens (Medium format).

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