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After much dSLR lust (even to the point of multiple bid attempts for a demo D50 system -- has anyone else noticed a lot of bidders pay more than a new system would run...??:ak47, I decided to stay within my self-imposed budget of <$500 and went with a new FZ30 to improve on my IQ and reach of my ~8-month old FZ5 last Monday. Of course, the week wait was agonizing but UPS finally came today.

The wife had an askewed look when she saw the Pansonic package but I just did the old, "...Oh Boy, my birthday present to myself!...":G

Having already down loaded and read the manual, I forced myself to only open the package, check the contents and put the battery in the charger (Its the same charger as the FZ5 but different battery, by the by...). Of course, I had a bunch of business calls start to come in but lucked out when a client called at 4:30 and discussed that he needed a conversion fitting by the morning.

Luckily, I had a spare and said let me drive over to FedEx to meet the 5:00 PM deadline for an overnight shipment...!
Out the door with the FZ30 and fully charged battery to go to ... FedEx...!

Of course, on the way home I had to drive along the alfalfa farms where there's almost always 2-3 Red Tail Hawks perched on the 80' high power lines...:-D

Alas, not one RTH to be found. I did spot one Raven on the uppermost pole so, here are my new FZ30 photos...
Photo # P1000001:

P-Mode, 8-MP; 4:3; Spot Exposure; Spot-H AF, 12X zoom; Handheld; OIS Mode-2; 100% cropped from 3264 x 2448 down to 1400 x 1120 and resized to 800 x 400 for posting; No Post Processing

Of course, he didn't stay put long enough for another photo attempt but started circling around up high... Of course, I HAD to try a CIF attempt without my RDS so I tried through the EVF panning and almost had a good image but got a KFC (You know- go for a whole chicken and only get Chicken parts only... in box/frame)...


Photo # P1000002:

P-Mode, 8-MP; 4:3; Spot Exposure; Spot-H AF, 12X zoom; Handheld; OIS Mode-2; 100% cropped from 3264 x 2448 down to 1454 x 1163 and resized to 800 x 400 for posting; No Post Processing...

Would have kept looking for more opportunities but the wife had dinner on the table when I left. Valuing my homelife and wanting to see just how much more IQ the FZ30 would give me when the images were down loaded, I forsook looking for any more opportunities and drove on home...

So far, given the 2 images of a subject with an extremely hard coloration in the best of circumstances, I'm beginning to realize that its probably, no, IS a significant improvement over the quite capable FZ5. Looks like I'm in dire need of taking a few vacation days shortly...

So much to do -- construct a RDS adapter for mounting it on the FZ30, learning how to switch/use the EOZ; learning how to switch/use the Manual Focus etc etc... not to mention actually filling up a couple of 1GB 80X SD Transcend cards! Maybe I'll put one in the FZ5 and take some comparison images of cooperative subjects...:love:

Ohhh, so much to do and so little time to it all... ...moan, sigh, grin, LOL...

What'cha think?

I guess I'll have to change my signature block, as well...

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Congrats on your new FZ30.
Look forward to seeing some more results.



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nice photos for first time. I didn't do that well on my first tries. I found my biggest problem is me. Above about 200mm, I am not quite as steady as I once was. So now I try to use a tripod most of the time.

Anyway, I do like my FZ30. Hope you enjoy yours.

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