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I'm trying to decide between the FZ7 and the canon S2, both appear relativly equall in my mind. Almost all the sites of gone to have reccomended the FZ7 over the S2, but here everyone seems of the opposite mind. So basically from those who use the FZ7 it would be really great to get some feedback about how bad the noise problems really are (I'm big on edditing), and how good the shots are. I'm a hiker and a bird/dragonfly enthusiast my priorities something relativly compact with a large zoom, a quick startup, and a nice fast burst mode, all of which the FZ7 seems to have over the S2. But I also hold a high standered for my pictures and and big on editing them into perfect pictures (or as close as one can reach with a 400 dollar camera), so Image quality it important, which from what I've seent he S2 has over the FZ7...,
Thanks for your help,
The Shrimp
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I have the Fz7 and can't complain. I love it. The noise issue is no issue for me. I have posted several images, so do a quick search in this forum for my posts and see what you think. With the right add-ons the FZ series cameras are wicked at macro there are also many examples of that from others. However, if you are as exacting as you say about image quality you may want to take an sd card to your local store and shoot some samples before you buy. By the way I got mine for well below 400 online, shop around.

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