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bayourebel Jul 8, 2006 7:33 PM

the following info was from a previous post about cable shutter release and was posted by rschofield:

The DMW-FL28 is an External Flash -- not a [highlight= #ffff88]Remote[/highlight] [highlight= #88ffff]Shutter[/highlight].

If you go to the following Panasonic web page, you'll see that the "DMW-RS1 [highlight= #ffff88]Remote[/highlight] [highlight= #88ffff]Shutter[/highlight] for DMC-FZ30 & DMC-FZ20" (my emphasis) is an optional accessory for the FZ30:

If you then go to the Panasonic parts ordering page:

and enter "dmw-rs1" in the first "Search by Part #" and click the "Retrieve Part Info" button (do NOT press enter), you'll be presented with a page quoting a (current as of 22-Oct-2005) price of $15.56.

Click on the "Add Parts to Shopping Basket" button and you will be presented with a "Shopping Basket Contents" page.

Click on the "Verify Availability" button and you will presented with a page that states that the DMW-RS1 Wired [highlight= #88ffff]Shutter[/highlight] [highlight= #ffff88]Remote[/highlight] Cont has been replaced by the VYC0913 for the same $15.56. (As of 22-Oct-2005, it is not back ordered.)

Continue if you actually want to order the Panasonic [highlight= #ffff88]remote[/highlight]. Otherwise go back to fabricating your own do-it-yourself model with the same resistor values as have been previously posted. :-)


Then on E-bay I found the 40 ft extension for $!7.99 plus shipping. I ordered two of these and there are two left.

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