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I'm hoping to find someone who is familiar with both cameras. I've had a FZ10 for over two years so I know what it can and can not do. I shoot a lot of indoor stage shows without flash and this camera has been a good fit for my needs. I am about to follow a high school group to Europe and of course would love to upgrade my camera for the trip but dismissed that idea a while back since my next upgrade will be a DSLR with Image Stabilized Lenses. I can not afford that now. My biggest problems with the FZ10are: <1> shutter lag, <2>small view finder, <3> short flash range, <4> noise at ISO 200 and 400.

Is the FZ7 noticably better at shutter lag, view finder, and flash range?From reading posts Ican't hope the noise situation has changed much. I should probably just stay with the FZ10, but for $350 will the FZ7 allow me to take a picture of a performer at the precise momentwhen I find the expression I like (assuming I've prefocused). Am I losing much besides the hotshoe by making the switch? I've taken some nice pictures over the last two years but have also missed some nice ones. The shotgun approach to photography can be frustrating.

Also, is there any other camera around $350 with a 12x optical, image stabilized lens and quick response?

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I only have the camera (FZ7) for about a week now, and this is my first post here in the forum. Yet I do believe I can address some of your issues now.

Shutter lag - not a problem in the FZ7. Nothing to add here.

Flash range - You can look at the specs and see that the flash is slightly better on the FZ7 with a 4.5m guide number, as opposed to FZ10's 4.0m guide number.

Noise levels - are not much of an issue for me because shooting at ISO 1600 is a superb alternative to missing a shot completely. Both cameras have the same sensor size, so the noise levels should be similar. You can search for reviews on the net and see the noise levels yourself.

Per the last question, I can tell you that the last two candidates before my purchase were the FZ7 and Canon's S2 or S3 IS. After a little experience with a S1, I say you can expect very good performance and response times with a wealth of nice features from the S3 and S2. They probably have more friendly menues and easier manual control, but my final decision was made by looking at all the sample pictures I could find and realizing the superiority of the Leica lenses.

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When you shoot, like you say,a lot indoor stage shows without flash, the flash range is not relevant at all. But just in case you werenot sure about your own technique, on the FZ10 you can mount a powerful external flash, not so on the FZ7; so if you plan to use a flash anyway, it would be a step back.

There is hardly any difference in size of the EVF between the FZ10 and the FZ7, but if you mean the LCD, the FZ7 has a HUGE one compared to the one on the FZ10.
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I do appreciate the replies.

My main concern with the FZ10 for what I do is shutter lag. I believe the initial FZ10 review stated .20 seconds lag even with the camera pre-focused. The specs on the FZ7 are .017 seconds lag with the camera pre-focused. This in itself might justify $350 to switch from the FZ10 to the FZ7 for the stage performances.

I do use flash offstage and I sometimes use an external flash on the hotshoe. Sometimes I use a Stroboframe grip with an adapter connected to the hotshoe so I can use the external flash off the camera. I figure if the FZ7 can give me an extra 2 or 3 feet range with its dedicated flash I won't have to use the external flash as often. When I do need substantial flash power I could use an external flash on the stroboframe triggered by a slave set off by the FZ7 flash. Does anyone see any problem with that?

Thanks Again!

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When I got the FZ10 I had just come from a Kodak and Fuji cameras, and I was impressed with the lack of shutter lag on the FZ10......And after using a FZ20 and 30 ,I see no noticable difference in shutterlag between the 3 cameras......I actually see no difference in a D50 either.....focus speed.. thats a lot different, but shutter lag is very similar.
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