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If splines or photoshop resizing are not acceptable, pano shots will solve part of the pixel problem.
The amber shot was a 4 picture pano, combining more than 25 different layers.
Many pixels!

There was one problem left:
- usb remote control

I hope I will find the alignment software for the FZ5 somewhere.
This diagnostic tool is capable of remote control.
One of those features that Panasonic will never hand out to us.
They prefer hardware updates!

There is an update about bouncing and diffusing:

Configurable part of diffused and reflected light with onboard flash!

You can split the reflector, to get more light sources!
This can be done with butterflies, human portrait and ants!
The picture in the right corner is pure diffusing.

..and best of all:
All the material fits into my Molf-bouncer Lightbox

If you like it, please drop a line!

If you are using the excellent - but vignetting - raynox DCR6600 (52mm)....
The 53mm to 52mm ring and the vignetting can easily be removed!
There is no 53mm adapter in the market, so I had to use series 7 adapters (54mm)

http://www.bhphotovideo.com/... ...=&sku=121752&is=REG&addedTroughType =search
http://www.bhphotovideo.com/... ...hs=t&shs=52mm-series+7ℑ.x=0ℑ.y=0
I will finally start to use my raynox lens.

I used the first type without spacer. IMO the frontlens does not touch the converter. But I will not zoom anyway!
The "tape" used is that kind of plastic which can be attached to furniture with a hot iron - to preserve the edges. This is a very tight connection, surviving earthquakes! The tape is sticky on one side.

thanks to shene, genece and fmoore for the inspiration!

ps if you know a cheap host, I would like to publish my macro ideas.
Please let me know!

thanks for those many visits and comments!!!!

Carnival is over, so I had to start a new homepage:
This series is included and continued.
Please feel free to comment my results.
If you have any (even impossible!) suggestions, please post them.
I need inspiration.

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