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fmoore Feb 6, 2006 7:24 PM

How big can it print? Squril rekindeled this curiosity a few posts ago. I just received my first poster order from Excellent color and quality. And quick. Placed the order Wednesday evening and got it in Monday's mail. If youget the orderin early Tuesday, you'd probably get it by Friday.

The aspect ratioofa 24 x 18print is the same as the fz5's 2560 x 1920 (4 x 3). Full picture. No cropping. I resampled the original 2560 x 1920 image to 3600 x 2700in irfanviewusing theB-spline resample filter. 3600 x 2700gets the pixels per inch (ppi) to 150 for a 24" x18" print.150 ppi is generally considered theminumumpixel density for decent prints.A 2560 x 1920 imageprinted to 24 x 18 has only 107 ppi. I got one of each. I couldn't see any difference between 107ppi and 150ppi.

How did the 5mp FZ5 do at 18 x 24? Things are starting to break down some but only if your up close to the print.It's big enough so that normally you'd be 3-4 ft away. From there it looks great. If there is alot of detail it can get kind of messy and noise is more apparent in darker shadowed areas as expected.

Winkflash charges $12 per18x24 poster and $3 s/h totalfor up to 10 posters.They come in a nice tube and outer packaging; USPS 1st class. The next size larger is 24x36 for $20. I doubt the 5mp fz5 or fz20 can handle that, but I'll bet the 8mp fz30 can. The next size lower, 16x20 (with full size aspect ratio, it's15x20),is only $8.

squirl033 Feb 6, 2006 7:58 PM

thanks for the update, Fred. i'm glad someone else had a good experience with them too, it means mine wasn't a fluke. ;) i haven't tried 18x24 size, but then i didn't upsample mine quite as far as you did... i "only" went to 3100x2300 for a 16x20 print. nice to know the 5MP FZ's can be interpolated up to 3600x2700 for an 18x24 poster... i wonder what would happen if the pic were resized to 4200x3200 (~175ppi, ~13MP) and printed at that size? how much cana 5MP image beinterpolated before the image starts to get unacceptably"fuzzy"? i may have to try that sometime... if i can find the wall space!! :G

Dave In LA Feb 6, 2006 8:06 PM

I have made 2 orders with Winkflash when someone here posted about them a month or so service and well pleased here also!!

bmccoy Feb 7, 2006 12:52 PM

Dave In LA wrote:

I have made 2 orders with Winkflash when someone here posted about them a month or so service and well pleased here also!!
Same here, thanks to all for pointing them out.


Will.Blaschko Feb 8, 2006 2:13 AM

Im sure you could stretch to 24x36... above that you stretch dangerously low. The best solution, if you get a chance, is to sitch a few pictures together (autostitch being the best program on the market). 4 5mp pictures=1 ~15 mp picture. That's why I always try to make a zoomed pano of a landscape, *then* take a wide-angle picture. ya... 24x36 for a 5 mp... in my opinion with highest-quality interpolation and maybe a sharpen. Who presses their nose to a poster?

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