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After a short excursion to some cascaded in South Italy, we went to visit this hamlet which was nearly completely abandoned to decadence after an earthquake early in the 1980s.

Here the 30 pictures (FZ20)

and now a few previews from thisgallery:

NOTE: If you have fast internetconnections chose "Original" in the size box below the bottom right corner of the images in the Gallery

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Nice Gallery Narmer. A lot of interesting shots. Don
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Very nice and interesting shots Narmer! #18 would look great framed ! Jim
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Thanks d-sr and Tiger98.
#18 darkening effect was obtained with Dual Grad "55mm" filter of http://www.digitalfilmtools.com.

"55mm is the definitive set of digital optical filters meant to simulate popular glass camera filters, specialized lenses, optical lab processes, film grain, exacting color correction as well as natural light and photographic effects--all in a controlled digital environment with either 8 or 16 bits per channel processing.
The set of plug-ins includes: Black & White, Black Mist, Bleach Bypass, Center Spot, Color Compensating, Color Conversion, Color Correct, Color Grad, Color Spot, Color Temperature, Cross Processing, Day for Night, Defog, Depth of Field, Diffusion, Dual Grad, Enhancing, Fast Blur, Faux Film, Flashing, Fluorescent, Fog, F-Stop, GamColor Gels, Gels, Glow, Gold Reflector, Grain,Halo, Infrared, Lens Distortion, Light, Light Balancing, Low Contrast, Mist,Mono Tint, ND Grad, Night Vision, Overexpose, Ozone, Photographic Filters,Polarizer, Printer Points, Rack Focus, Radial Exposure, ReLight, Rosco Gels,Selection, Selective Color Correct, Selective Saturation, Silver Reflector, Skin Smoother, Soft Effects, Split Field, Star, Streaks, Strip Grad, Sunset/Twilight,Telecine, Temperature, Tint, Ultra Contrast, Vari-Star, Vignette, Warm/Cool, Warm Black Mist, Warm Mist, and Warm Soft Effects.

55mm is available for Adobe Photoshop and compatible programs".


In this period 55mm is the filter I am using more, together with Colorwasher, Flaming Pear Filters, Noise Ninja and much more than the old KPT series, GE and many more I have.

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Great gallery Narmer. Love the pics in it. I am impressed with your photographic skills here...very nice portrait of the place.

How did you take the first photo of the B/W tree? Looks like a wide angle view. Care to share?

BTW, What happen to the place? Destroyed by the earthquake or pp just moved out of it?

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Great photos, as usual.
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Thanks to all of you again.

Tchuanye that was a simple crop from a portrait orientated shot, with some cropping to enhance the height of trees. I have no WA and neither used stitching ther (as I did for the waterfall). Another one in which I tried to simulate dof (also to keep acceptable file size).

There is a new town just out of the canyon in which the old one sat.There is not a square, no tower, nothing worth a photo. But citizens are still lucky to have a new home: there are people in southern Italy still living in 'containers' or barrackssince the Earthquake of November 23, 1980 !

You can't imagine how many billionsweree devoted to reconstruction and for families who'd lost everything: most of them went in the pockets of Camorra(= local mafia of Napoli and Avellino provinces) and "politicants".

Attached Images
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