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Abundant Fun


Smilin' Jack


[align=left]FZ5 with Minolta ACT-100 1.5x + Olympus TCON17 1.7x from about 100 yards. These were cropped somewhatto eliminate vignetting particularly on the right hand side which is more effected due to the fz5 lens/aperture/sensor alignment. The complete series of shots is at http://www.ishots.net/fz5/surfers/[/align]

[align=left]Here's the setup.



[align=left]It's pretty long and heavy but fairly easy to handhold (ie, no other support) with the raynox modified fz5 adapter. See http://www.ishots.net/fz5/modified_fz5_adapter.ht[/align]
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Hi Fred,.....Wonderful shots !........The one of the surfboard and two feet is a prize winner !!!!!
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Have you got the weapons licence for thisabomination of a FZ5 :-)?

Nice shots and no visible abberration, and no evidentUE or colors' dropping. Good job and nearly dSLR-like (I mean inimages quality).

Yet if I had to spend money for tele covs. on my FZ20, I would think twice (although I like my camera): better to get a entry level dSLR like XT/350D or D50/D70 and then spend the money for their tele zooms. More expensive but also more quality.

FZs are nice cheap cams and I think that, even if I should but a dSLR I would always carry a FZ5/20 with me.
But when the latter becomes such grown up with tele and optics, theADVANTAGE of having a small camera disappears...

Up to now I have only bought a (great) Nikon 6T for my FZ20 and plan to take one more. Even like this it is very fastidious to have to chang lens, taking away the UV from the pana adapter and inserting the 6T attached to the 72-62mm SdRing.
And 6T is a diopter which can always be used in the future...

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OH MY! The pix are outstanding but that lense combo.. WOW! And I though having a series of adapter rings from my tiny C2020 Oly 43 to a ProSony lense having a ring of 58! Sheech that is some combo!
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