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Interesting thread,if somewhat OT...

I, too, roll my own -- have done for longer than I care to remember.

First one was an 8080 running at 1MHz -- had a whopping 32KB of RAM, two 8" hard-sectored, single-sided floppy drives that held a massive 180K each and a Soroc terminal (for those who haven't seen one, that's a monitor with inbuilt keyboard.)

Took weeks of spare time to solder together, cost more than you'd build a really fast system for today and had problems doing much more than you could get out of a typewriter -- but it was fun.

The next one had a 2MHz Z80, 64KB RAM and double-sided soft sector floppies (still 8", but now held some 360KB) and did a little more a little faster, cost a tad less and went together quicker (experience counts...)

Today I can screw one together (you don't really 'build' them any more) and have it running in minutes, and I still have trouble believing what it can do.

Oh, and, BobC, I'd look to upgrading that power supply if I were you -- today's systems are quite power hungry and quality PSU's are still cheaper than major burnouts.

The fan failure could be a straw in the wind -- make sure you have a real 18 to 20A or better available on the 12V rail.

Here's a shot of my current toy -- might be a bit blurry, the lighting's not crash hot:
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