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Second that - f/ 2.8 - f/ 4.5. What's with that? Did you buy it just for the movies?
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and i'm curious, what's a "GT APO" lens? anything like Leica optics?
I do not know what GT stands for but APO is short for apochromatic. It is defined as follows.

"The inability to bring light of all colours to the same plane of focus is known as chromatic aberration. Light refraction is a function of wavelength, and as such each colour normally hits the CCD at slightly different planes of focus. Apochromatic refers to lenses designed to correct for chromatic (color) aberrations."

So, Ithink it is safe to say that most digital cameras have APO lenses including our FZs because the whole idea of using multiple lens elements is to stop chromatic aberration. Here is a quote from the Panasonics website:

"There are three main reasons for using multiple lenses. The first is to suppress chromatic aberration. The light that passes through the lens is refracted and sent to the CCD. Since the R, G, and B light components each has a different refractive index, using a single lens will cause the colors to smear, which is called chromatic aberration, in the resulting image. This is corrected by using several lenses in a group." (http://panasonic.co.jp/pavc/global/l...nes/index.html)
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I bought a Minolta 414 (4MP and 4x optical zoom)in OCtober '03 and it was a super camera for the price, but I found that I needed a long lens for capturing sports shots of my boys, so I bought an FZ10 in Feb '04. I'm generally happy with my FZ10, but I have to say that the Minolta 414 pictures look better. I'll definately be waiting for the reviews and prices of the Z5. Maybe sometime in the next year I'll be changing cameras once again. Too bad Panasonic won't change the firmware to make the FZ10 pictures a little better.
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the minolta 414... and the Z-series. Are two completely different camera series. Other lens other ccd. So I think that comparison is not a good one.
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