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Mr. Q T Loung may have not used a FZ camera but they his pics looks amazing.

Actually he is an amazing guy.

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Some day I hope to know half of what that guy forgot.

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Great site!!! Thanks.
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Reza........thank you so much for sharing this great site.....i live in Florida and the photos from this site are unreal!!!! i have never been to the everglades but iam going :Gsoon "with my fz".........thx again

Merry Christmas

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I love that site! Someone, a while back posted a message saying that this photographer that he stated was the best ever and I think he belongs to that site. But he shot with a Mamiya7, I think. The good news is, if anyone read this months Popular Photography, I believe, is that the new Canon dSLR surpasses film. I had read an article awhile back stating that you would need a 20mp camera to mimick 35mm film. Canon has done this in 16.6mp with the EOS-1Ds Mark II. The article states, "At ISO 100 and 200, resolution is slightly higher than in 35mm ISO 100 color negative film, while color accuracy was nearly double (Delta E of 6.85 versus an average of 11-14 for film)." I have no idea what the last part means, but I think this is a great triumph for digital photography. I know I am getting a bit OT here but the thought that we don't need film anymore, or, rather that digital is just as good is so cool. And Mamiya just came out with a 20+ mp camera. I almost bought myself the Canon EOS 20D for myself for X-mas but I heard that there is a slight shift to the left when taking the picture which really bothers me. Someone gave me a Fujifilm S2 and it had the same problem so I, in turn gave it to someone else. The FZ20 is a better camera than that old Fuji, anyhoot!
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