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Default Another Panasonic prototype dmc lc1

Japan's electronics giant Panasonic and German camera giant Leica Camera AG unveil the prototype model of Leica's M-series styled digital camera "DMC-LC1", equipped with 7 - 22.5mm/F2.0 - 2.4 Leica Vario-Summicron zoom lens (equivalent to 28 - 90mm in 35mm camera) in Tokyo, 02 October 2003. Panasonic is expecting to put it on the market next Spring. AFP PHOTO / Yoshikazu TSUNO

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Default LC1

Here's the Systran translation of LC1 description

LUMIX of Matsushita and manual operation inclination reference exhibition

October 2nd announcement

The Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.corporation referred displayed the digital camera which is in the midst of developing in the new product concert of the same company make digital camera "LUMIX" series which is held on the 2nd, as a new type of the same series.
The new type plans the sale of 2004 spring. Price is undecided. Either name is not done clearly, but "DMC-LC1" it is inscribed in the model which is displayed. From concept and type turn, the superior succession type of DMC-LC5 it is guessed.
In specification, it is made clear that 500 ten thousand pixels CCD and the same company individual image processing LSI "VENUS engine" are loaded.
In addition, adopting Leica DC of new development VARIO-SUMMICRON to the lens. Focal length of 35mm conversion with the optical 3.2 time zoom 28 - 90mm, as for open F value F2.0.
The new type, by the fact that the interface which is close to silver salt film camera is had, assures taking in the silver salt user. As for zoom, focusing and the contraction, manual operation it to be possible to operate with the ring of all lens camera cones, as for shutter speed with the dial of the substance surface to direct setting possibility.
Appearance, has become the kind of design which removes the film film advance lever from the range finder camera of the silver salt. It can provide the accessory shoe in order to install the external flash and the like on the optical finder.

Equipping the operation ring in the lens camera cone. As for ring from before zoom, focusing and contraction The dial of side of the shutter button in the general digital camera does mode change and the like, but in this type it has become the shutter speed setting dial. On the optical finder the accessory shoe, it seems that the flash is built in somehow on the surface center

Display the rear seems that large-sized ones are attached If you looked at the front and the side, with, the buttons are few simple. The classic it seems like silver salt film camera

Very nice and interesting
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Default links

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Default Questions for Bob Panasonic on LC1

By any chances do you have any info on LC1:

1) size/weight
2) size of LCD
3) Does it use fixed lens
4) Is the viewfinder an EVF?

Even though I own many Panasonic electronic products I never thought it would be the brand to tempt me to go for a non Nikon camera... But LC1 is the stongest contender so far!
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Default Exciting camera

Very exciting camera. Usable full manual control. An enthusiast camera.

Looks like a cross between a digilux and dmc-lc43 with a nice big lense.

But how about -

a small hand held RF remote - reduce shake and self portraits

USB control of the camera - time lapse photography

notice what appears to be microphone on front - how about external stereo inputs with 16 bit sounds?

How about a wired remote with a microphone built in (like some of the panasonic video cameras) and a mode after taking each picture where you can add a voice memo?

Go all out on manual feaures including saturation, sharpenning, noise reduction etc, with more than 3 choices.

If there is a movie move make it useful at 15 24 25 30 fps and VGA quality or better yet, 655x480 ( too match DV) or 1280x720 30fps (to match HD).

How about a software interface where users can download software into the computer for post processing? Imagine a photoshop filter on the camera. Might start a whole new industry.
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Default wishlist LC2

Gee It feels stange to put a wishlist for a sucessor of a prototype but here it goes:

1) Interchangeble lens
2) hybrid EVF/OVF (is not that difficult: put an OVF for the base lens like 28-70 and a slide-in EVF when lens is changed)
3) Swivel LCD (a la Canon/Nikon not Olympus that get obstructed by the flash in hot shoe)
4) low light focus assist light that can be turned off
5) When using EVF then BW option for low light or Infrared (a la Sony)
6) AF option

I know this would expensive and with limite buyers, but this would be a flagship to build Panasonic name in camera industry. Besides more and more people now are willing to go for some limitations and move from SLR to a smaller package (besides the fact that non SLR offers swivel LCD, Panorama stich and convinience to carry everywhere)
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