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Hello, I'm new to this site and digital photography as well.

I was hoping to get some opinions above the info I've been able to find doing searches.

I recently bought a Panasonic FZ20 and a Pemarral PA62H adapter and wanted to get a filter for protecting the Leica lens.

I accidentally found the Tiffen 62TPK1 kit on NewEgg for less than $50.00 shipped while looking for computer parts,but was not sure if it is going to be what I need. It has 3 filters and a pouch for holding them.

It has a 62mm Uv filter, 812 color warming lens, and a circular polarizer...

Is it worth it to buy this kit and get the extra lenses or should I just buy a UV lens and hold off on the other filters for now?

Buying these separately would cost much more and I've seen this kit for a lot more as well so I'm real tempted.

It didn't seem like a bad deal to get a set of filters if they are all usefull, but if the other 2 filters are useless to me then maybe it's not such a great deal...

Any opinions on this kit and its usefullness would be appreciated.

Thanks, Glen
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Polarizer is usually very useful for landscape photos. You can check this link for general info about filters. This site explains most filter types and why and when to use them.


detailed info about polarizers


I don't know anything about 812 colour lens or this Tiffen set, I don't have any experience with them. Mayby somebody else can say something

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Thanks gfurm,

Those links look helpful and I appreciate it.

I was just hoping to get opinions regarding Tiffen and if anyone knew if some of these filters were less than necessary. I found this kit cheaper than the circular polarizer that it contains on most camera sites.

If the polarizer and UV lens work OK then the other 812 warming lens is just an extra. Plus it comes in a 4 filter case...

The 812 warming lens is supposed to get rid of harsh flash tones and warm up the colors of outside shots...

Some posts I've found recently say Tiffenmakes good filters and are worth the money. They say its not quite a B&W or Hoya but right up there in quality. I think I will give the set a try. At least the Polarizer and UV lens are needed anyways.

Thanks again, Glen
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