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I would be very thankful.
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This has been answered before, and it did help me a lot.
The best tips did come from Telecorder and Seemolf (which I envy on his Lens-Mutation used for his Moonshots...and his refined technique as well.) I will sum up wat I was told and what I learned over time. It did work for me, it might work for you, but it is not guranteed to do so.

I forgot Genece-my apologies. He did help a lot, too. Sorry Gene.

First you need a good sight. I use the Fz30 your mileage with the FZ50 might vary-but not much.

You need as sturdy and stable a base as is possible-get a good sturdy tripod. I bought an cheap one (around 40Euros, that might be about 50 Dollars), and it did not pay. Invest about 100 Bucks, and you should be on teh safer side.

Get a Teleconverter, this has been discussed, for the FZ30 a Tcon 17 from Olympus and a Tcon 17 from Nikon work well-this should be similar with the FZ50.

Use a remote shutter. I bought one, that made it much easier. If you don`t own one or want to buy one, use the timer, use 10 seconds, two seconds are not long enough.

Use the teleconverter in conjunction with extra zoom, spotfocus and spot metering. Extra zoom seems to help the camera to narrow the target down-it seems to be able to do its processing easier.
I see it like giving the camera a "hint" as to what it is expected to do, instead of letting it search around in a lot of black sky ;-)

Use auto white blance, works for me.

You can use Iso 80 without any Problems-the moon is bright!

I do use btween 1/50th to 1/500th of a second. The latter works only on a full moon, but those look a little dull on a regular basis. Try to catch a pic when the moon is only partially lit, the craters tend to stand out more.

Use raw from time to time, use a raw converter.
Use a noise filter to postprocess the pictures-try to reduce mainly the chroma noise, the luma noise should not need reducing a lot.

Take lots of pictures, sort them out later. Use autofocus mainly, because manual focus seems hard to do for me-we have a very long resulting focal length-this makes it really hard to focus, it feels like my pulse is blurring the pic when I touch the camera to focus.

Autofocus seems to have similar Problems, it hunts occasionaly.

Underexpose between one and two stops. Use Full manual from time to time, it is more fun and I did have the time to try things out. One thing, there is a mode on the camera to highlight with blinking overexposed areas. Switch this on, it helps a lot.

Ah, there is one additional thing: DonĀ“t forget to have lots aof fun!

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Thanks for the tips I got one shot out of 50 Im kind of happy with. I think there are to many other light sources around me. I think I need to go out to the country.
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My way,,,,,maybe not the best way but it works.

I can not use Matrix metering on the moon. (too much black)

I use spot meter and spot focus Put the camera on MF and use the button on the lens to focus on the edge of the moon, and then meter on the center and snap away.

I tend to expose correctly and may even raise the ISO to keep the SS up....If noise does show up in the halo of the moon its a snap to blur it away.

I just do not believe in underexposing anything.
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