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A Bat! A BAT! I have a Bat in my Backyard!

Have to tell someone. Just went out on my Balcony in the early evening drizzle. And there I saw it-a BAT! In the City (200 000 inhabitants)! It did three to four passes, I thought I need my cam, but the Light is much to low, and the drizzle would destroy the electronics...damn, what can I do? I know about the bats at my parents home in the countryside, I could have touched one that was sound asleep in our attic (course did not do it-that would have been to rude to the lil fellow). My dad even thought up a way to play with them-get a cleenx(we use tempos over here ;-), press it together, throw it in the air. Apparently has the same Ultra sound signature as a big tasty Butterfly-so the bats pass over you to investigate...

And now one comes here! I just went outside again, it did even some passes overhead, about three meters about my head-definitly a bat! Typical erratic way of flying, no tailfeathers either, typical wingshape! No way to get a pic without a RDS!
And probably now I need a DSLR! I want the Picture of that bat! It practically comes here to pose!

Oh Boy,
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Hi RealMash,

I feel your thrill and pain. How completely exciting to have a bat come to rest at your home in the city no less and unable to take a picture. I hope you will be able to figure something out for the next time he comes by.

I had a similar event with baby Screech Owls in our yard. We live in a neighborhood and no woods real close by. I tried taking pics with my camera but none of themwere very good, with having toaim in the dark. I did use the flash and was able to get pictures at least for a record that it happened. Lucky me though. The next day, my husband found the babies roosting in one of the trees in our yard. I was able to get numerous shots of these little guys during the day while they stared at me from above.

I hope we soon see a bat picture from you. But, if not, thank you so much for sharing the excitement with us. I love bats. They live in our neighbor hood as well. I doubt I could ever get a picture of one of them though. Like you said, very erratic flight and fast. :-)

Thank you for posting,


P.S. My little picture in the identy column is one of the two babies that was in our tree.
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Thank you Teree!

That was heart warming-so someone was lucy with a similar difficult picture. So there is hope ;-)

On the other Hand, I´m afraid that was a chance thing :-[ I didn´t see it again.

But at my Parents home we have got more, so maybe I´ll get some treats for the cats, and will visit there ...

And keep my Luggagae closed, you don`t want to know what happend last time...

On the other Hand, the bats hibernate, I doubt that I´ll get a lot of them...fall is setting in here, but maybe I can sneak up on them when they are asleep-only thing is, the cats should not find out about the bats, or we might have a bat family eradicated in one instant...

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