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Puddock Apr 12, 2006 5:42 AM

I bought a replacement battery from eBay
The replacement is rated 7.4 volt, 1200mAh.
The original Panny battery is 7.2 volt, 710 mAh

I dont know why the replacement is +0.2 volts higher but I guess it will be safe enough to use because it is sold as suitable for a heap of cams including the FZ30.

But I was surprised at the big jump in capacity from 710 to 1200.

Maybe the figures dont mean much but is anyone using a higher rated replacement battery and do you think they really last longer than the stock item?



OT- Six weeks out from 'Winter" , 31 degrees celcius in Sydney today! I am starting to really believe in global warming!

genece Apr 12, 2006 7:45 AM

While I do not have that particular batter y I am sure it will be fine and I am also sure it is not 1200 mah.

And they do not last longer than the Panasonic battery, in fact they will not last as long , but I still find them to be a good buy.

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