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Thank you so much for all your replies! There´s a lot for me to try out now!

Strange that thedognose came without exif, I cropped it in Irfan View and have the -leave exif inside option- on. But I am on a different PC now.

Tomorrow at the office I´ll print all your tipps and study them!!! :idea:

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Corpsy wrote:
I've never known about that telephoto rule. 1/100 at telephoto? I've been using 1/13 and getting pretty good results, sometimes even with extended zoom. Perhaps I am steadier than most, but if you want to try the technique I use, check this older post of mine:http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=23
To display at the sizes you posted I can shoot at 1/13 too. They don't look particularly sharp even at that small size. Post a link to a full sized image so we can study small details at 100%, which it the kind of sharpness pixelstuff seems to be looking for. If he posted the full shot with the dog collar at 640 X 480 it would probably look fine. Maybe a little soft like yours, but OK.
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Rats. You guys covered all the bases. No flies on you guys...

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Slipe, when I scaled my images down to post online, I didn't do any sharpening because I wanted to illustrate pretty accurately what to expect from long exposures. On some monitors, not sharpening an image can make it appear soft.

I use Photobucket which apparently has a limit on both the file size AND image dimensions. I tried to put up full size images that were just highly compressed, but Photobucket ended up resizing them down and keeping them highly compressed so they're quite ugly, but you can look at them nonetheless.

You'll notice I didn't perform any noise reduction, so the FZ30's trademark noise is present and accounted for.

Here's the original picture I posted of some satellite dishes. This was a 1/13 exposure. I'm not sure what the zoom was, in the EXIF it says about 20mm, but the EXIF data from this camera shows a fully zoomed out picture as being 7.4mm and 12x zoom as 88mm, so maybe you can do the math.

Here's a 100% crop:

Here's the highly compressed large size image:


Here's a photo taken zoomed all the way out, a 1/2 second exposure.

Here's a 100% crop:

Another 100% crop:

Large size, highly compressed:


The other image I posted of the street sign is equally sharp at 100%, but since a flash was used and it was only a 1/3 second exposure, posting it wouldn't serve much purpose. The image I posted of the dark street was a 1 second exposure, and was indeed too soft to enlarge, but was used to illustrate the limits of how far a long, hand held exposure could go.
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I had the same confusion when I got my fz20. I came to the same conclusion that they explained though Im still having a hard time with shutter speeds Im getting better. And realized I couldnt pull off the same shots with my film SLR either.

IS definately makes a difference but Im so heavy handed on the shutter for some reason and I flop the camera around a bit, and if Im standing I wobble a bit :?, the way I can tell is if between the postview and the screen opening up again to shoot is way off so I know Ive moved it quite a bit taking a pic. I cant believe my trouble I guess it has to be age related and the fact that it is 12x zoom I have no trouble on 6x.

My partial solution is to use the 2sec shutter delay and hold my breath with my arms against my body and try to lean against somthing. I didnt know IS2 was better Ill have to try that.

My other suggestion is to get anexternal rotatingflash, it flashes only once and bounces off the ceiling so it dosnt disturb the dog so they look at you strange.

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OK, just found out about a hosting site called xs.to which lets you host 1.5mb images without even signing up.



You'll likely need to save the images to your hard drive and view them in Photoshop, xs.to seems to like to automatically zoom out.
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