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Default Calling all FZ35 users, jpeg or RAW?

Ive only been using jpeg. I know nothing about RAW, so for those that do, is it worth the trouble?

I mean, the files have to be converted and processed,yes?

Does it really help with the final image Quality of pics produced by the FZ35 or is it more suitable for dslr cameras?

Remember, Im a newbie,but Id like to learn

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Honestly, for most of what you will probably do, I think JPEGs are the way to go. They're simpler to deal with, and the incremental amount of information stored really doesn't get used unless you're big into using post-processing.

I personally use RAWs mainly when I want to do a semi-HDR scene but for one reason or another, can't take multiple frames of the same shots (i.e., don't have/not allowed to use a tripod, or there's just too much motion to capture something in place). Other than that, it's right to JPEG. Modern photo editing software handles JPEGs as adeptly as they do RAW, so the advantages that used to be there when editing RAW files just isn't as big anymore.
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I mainly use JPEG.

The big difference between JPEG and RAW is that when shooting on RAW, no processing has been done at all yet, which means that all the information of the photo is saved, and that you can load the RAW file on your computer, and easily adjust things like lighting, and each time you save the file, all this information is stored. Apart from that, RAW files can't be viewed on all computers with a default viewer, so you'll have to convert it to JPEG after you've opened it with Photoshop or such.

Such is also possible with JPEG, but JPEG files 'only' save 8 bit of information. This means that, when you take a picture and your on JPEG mode, the RAW bits (don't know the exact amount, I guess 12 or 14) are converted to 8 bits, and a few conversions are done to make the JPEG. With this conversion, you lose some information, which limit you on the amount of precize adjustments you can do.

The question is, when would you like to use RAW or JPEG.

The benefits of RAW is that you have full control after the image has been taken. I have to be honest that I have not used RAW mode with my FZ38 yet, but a few examples when RAW mode would be something to consider, is when shooting important photos, like wedding photos. If you're a fan of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos, you might want to use RAW so you can adjust the lighting, or make a HDR photo out of 1 RAW file, and adjust the lighting levels. (Also comes in handy when you want to make HDR of a moving object)

A few drawbacks of RAW are, that you'll need to process every photo on your computer, with software like Photoshop, and it would be a shame if you'd not take advantage of the RAW format, by simply leaving the photo as it is.

Summarized, I'd always leave it on JPEG, it brings out brilliant photos, can be adjusted in Photoshop and other programs as well, and I'd put it on RAW, or even better RAW + JPEG, when taking photos of 'special' moments and such, or just to try it out

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I use JPEG - I used RAW to try it and I could not see much difference in the final outcome. As mentioned above RAW usually needs some post processing. I found it to be too much bother. But it's worth a try, you see thing differently.

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If you have the time? RAW, one can control more aspects of the shot.
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