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one thing i really like about the FZ20 is the professional looks and settings and such. i love to use the display mode where you have a small screen on the top left corner and then all the info is displayed around it in black. however there's one thing i wish it had that it doesnt...and that is an indicater for the current zoom, in 35mm equivalent. i mean, if everything else is so dSLR-like then why not have that? so that in some place in the screen it always shows you what your lens zoom is in mm. can that be done by modifying the BIOS? or can we ask panasonic to do it? would they even listen to the suggestion? cause i think that would be really cool and it is useful in my opinion
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That's probably my 2nd biggest pet peeve. I don't mind the 1x / 12x approach (vs. 36mm / 432mm) but there is no granularity whatsoever, e.g. anything between 36mm and 72mm shows up as "1x" on the display (or maybe 36mm-54mm? who knows?)

Biggest pet peeve is lack of a manual focus distance indicator, even an estimate would be helpful. there are some situations where it's difficult to focus visually & I want an indication of where it's focusing.

3rd is ability to look at a reasonable subset of EXIF data when reviewing pictures on my camera, by selecting some menu item. Even my Kodak DC4800 has this. Why do I have to wait to view the JPGs on my computer to be able to do this??

4th is making whatever setting is available on "Exposure" also available on the "up" arrow button. That @#%@# "Exposure" button is hard to find w/o looking at it, much easier to access it via up-arrow.

just my 2 cents.
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My biggest gripe is the the viewfinder. Piece of crap trying to shot in low light condition.
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