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I was wondering if any of you guys have tried the FZ20 using close up lenses filters or sets. I've also noticed some photos of FZ's with filters on the end of the lens. I've been using the lens barrel that came with the camera to screw on 72mm filters with no problems with shadows from the on board flash, though I rarely use it. What size are the threads on the lens itself? Also, which is better to use if it makes a difference.

JaSoN S.
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See http://www.users.bigpond.com/vkelim/DMCFZ10/ Info good for fz20 as well as fz10.
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there are no threads on the lens itself. most people use some sort of adapter, similar to the one that came with the camera, but with smaller diameter threads. popular adapters are the Phayee (which i have and can recommend from personal use), Pemaraal, and Raynox. the Phayee and Pemaraal, for example, use 62mm threads, which let you use standard types of filters in smaller (cheaper) sizes. they alsp position the filters much closer to the lens itself, which reduces the chance of lens flare or ghosts.

to answer your first question, there are several types of close-up lenses that can be used, with these adapters. several people on this board have produced marvelous results with the Nikon 6t close-up lens; the 5T is the same thing but less powerful. Other folks like Olympus macro lenses like the M-CON40. if you want to get really crazy, the Raynox DCR-250 will get you close enough to count a gnat's whiskers... literally! i've got the 6T myself, and though i haven't achieved the stunning results that several others have (i'm still learning!), i can recommend it as a good all-round macrolens if you're using an adapter with 62mm threads.

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Raynox makes a complete line of lenses for the FZ 10-15-20 etc... May want to check them out.

I just received my adapter, UV protection filter and cap from:

D J Parsons, (605) 348-0937,
2808 Eden Ln, Rapid City, SD 57703
[email protected]

Adapter is made of aluminum, it replaces the original ring that comes with the camera as you would with the supplied adapter but, this one is shorter and lets the lens get right to the rear of the filter making it less likely that you will be subjected to flare. You can also leave it on all of the time protecting the surface of that Leica lens.

Filters will be 52mm instead of the 72mm you'll need with the supplied adapter.
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