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Default Colours on FZ 35

Hi All, I picked up a FZ35 been clicking away for a few days now but I am a bit frustrated on the image quality. Would appreciate your reply.

I am used to shooting on my Sony Cyber Shot DSC T20 - the colours are always vibrant and rich, but in FZ unless I enhance it using the provided software the pics look lifeless - is there any setting in the camera that can improve colours ? I have set the colours max in my priority mode - I shoot in Aperture Priority mode.

I dislike touching up pics on software, doesn’t give the same satisfaction of a great shot.

Pls ref the shot of petal on leaf (shot on FZ35) the colours look so dull, whereas the petal was a beautiful rich pink and the green was dark.

Compare it with the shot of red flower bud taken on Sony, the overall image is far more superior.
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Default Few more comparison pics - FZ35 Vs DSC T20

Another comparison shot between my Panasonic FZ 35 and Sony DSC T20 – The yellow flower was shot on FZ 35 and Ring on T20. Though it is not an apple to apple comparison, I wanted to highlight the sheer vibrancy in pics from the cybershot which I feel is missing in FZ35. Am I messing up the settings ? Would appreciate your help on the settings.
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Praveen, Simply increase the Saturation to +1
I think many FZ38/35 users have done this.
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deepak - I'm not a camera expert by any means, but here are some thoughts. Different brand cameras have different color tones and I do agree that the FZ35 is more to the "cool" side (although it captures beautiful greens). What you really have to consider is whether if your Sony captured true colors, or over-enhanced warm colors that were pleasing to the eye but not real. I suggest you take images of the exact same subject under same light conditions with both cameras (if you still have your Sony) and really look to see which replicate the actual colors. A good test is to take images of people to check skin tones.

Having said all this, check your white balance on your FZ. Also, I rarely shoot in "A" mode, only when I'm trying to force a low f-stop to get the blurry background. "P" works better for me. Also, try setting your meter to either "point" or "center weighted", and meter directly off you subject. That seems to get the right color of your subject.

I think that color tone is really personal taste. It may be that you simply don't like the colors that FZ produces.
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Thanks DB & Sally for replying.

DB will try shooting by increasing the saturation level.

Sally - I do agree finally its personal taste, but from the pics I posted dont you feel the images from FZ look a bit dull & lifeless ? Its obvious Sony has enhanced the solours, but looks like FZ has muted them!

Like you recommended will try shooting same image with Sony & FZ under same light settings to evaluate. Was shooting with A mode 'cos most forums suggested it, will give P mode a shot.Thx.
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I don't think the red flowers can get any more red than that. I believe one of the issues here is WB. The 3rd and 4th images look a bit off. Since there is no EXIF info., it's hard to tell what's going on.

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